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Irish lace is bought in Dublin, London,

In the middle of 1800 in Ireland heinrich heine accommodate a terrible famine. Infamous Irish potato famine occurred heinrich heine during 1845 - 1849 год. main crop, which Seeli indigent Irish peasants were potatoes and potato fungus causing fitoftoroza that led to catastrophic consequences the country. As a result of the famine killed between

500,000 and 1, 5 million people. Significantly increased migration, especially in the U.S., which became a permanent feature heinrich heine in the history of Ireland. So, in 1841 - 1851 the population of Ireland is shortened by 30% and the country heinrich heine was placed on the brink of survival.
People were forced to seek additional employment. The making of lace was sufficiently profitable business, but traditional methods of knitting and shuttle sewing needle had a long and time-consuming heinrich heine procedure with, but they needed money immediately. And in Ireland was invented special heinrich heine way of imitation with a hook, then the fashion lace "Rosalina" which, in turn, was a modification of Venetian lace (pictured French needle lace from the 18th century).
The invention of a method belongs to Mademoiselle Riego de Blankardiye daughter of Franco-Spanish nobleman and an Irish. She figured out how to do lace that resembles Venice, but can be made with a hook that many speeding production. A piece of lace, requiring, in the end, two hundred hours working with a needle can be done in just 20 hours. In 1846 Riego de Blankardiye issued the first book of Irish knitting patterns to crochet.
The new technique quickly spread and soon families were engaged in the lace. This is facilitated by the fact that the technique of Irish lace was very convenient for mass production. Unlike the usual Irish crochet heinrich heine with a hook made of different motifs (leaves, flowers, rosettes), which are made separately and then joined with the network. This method enabled the division of labor - every knitter is specialized in the production of individual motives, according to their abilities. Thus, each family member can submit their toll in total earnings, so knitting all - men, women, children, old men.
In conditions of poor rural lace basements are often contaminated during the work, so before the sale had to be washed. Most thorough masters backlog wrapped in a clean cloth and brought her into bed for the night. Even popped a special term meaning "work put to sleep."
Ready motives wore lace centers in nearby cities and are very experienced and talented creative artists chose them different heinrich heine things - collars, cuffs, heinrich heine dresses and coats and even umbrellas.
Irish lace is bought in Dublin, London,

Paris, Rome, New York and San Francisco (headquarters for sales of Irish lace to the earthquake

in 1906) Dante's popularity fluctuated depending heinrich heine on fashion, but demand was lot to the beginning of World War II, then abruptly dropped because it was accepted as a matter of luxury.
Today, the interest heinrich heine in handicrafts revived, thanks to the most interesting models of designers using this technique. However, looking not only date models - for example, the marriage of the crown prince of Denmark in 2004, the bride was dressed "in a plain dress with ivory veil, and 100 years of Irish lace."
Probably the main value of Irish lace is that to this day remains heinrich heine a manual, individual work. The machines are able to embroider, weave rugs and tapestries to knit knitwear, but creating knitted lace able hands of the master.
Inside the world Ireland Irish lace and now is known as "lace aid" because it actually has enabled people to survive, and this concept store and part of history.
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