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Great taste, candid, natural, related to the Lombard tradition sophie kinsella yet beautifully play

Continue the succulent Sunday appointments of Michele Marcucci, homonymous Enoteca, in via Garibaldi in Pietrasanta. And after Milan Biodynamics, sophie kinsella Michele and cronies leave the vicissitudes metropolitan open land in the mountains, in that strip of land that we love beyond measure, called the Lunigiana. Sunday 7, in fact, the event takes, sophie kinsella again the outline of legend enogastronomic. Starring Zeri lamb, cooked directly in the classics, historical texts of Lunigiana. To bring it down from the mountains, Cinzia Angiolini in person, sophie kinsella the coordinator of Slow Food and producer, of course, belongs to the Consortium for the promotion and preservation of the Sheep and Lamb of zeros. sophie kinsella The Angiolini will also bring other products from sheep's ricotta cheese that will serve, with the leeks to flavor pasta made with chestnut flour, the so-called Armelette. Then the delicious mountain potatoes and mushrooms, porcini. We would, make a way, the native breed of sheep, the Zerasca. Breed that has managed to maintain its characteristics intact over time because

of the isolation of Lunigiana.

Sheep rustic, medium-large, whose milk has a protein content than any other sheep's milk. Isolated, biological in nature, not in the pastures can be traced industrial sites, the lamb of Zeri grows by giving a tender and fragrant. Thanks to Cynthia, then, at the Enoteca Marcucci sophie kinsella you can taste the meat in its traditional preparation. The text is a furnace of iron in the shape of a pot that is laid low and wide on the fagots and burning embers. It is essential to be able to adjust the temperature: depending on the heat in the text can bake bread, cakes of grass, the chestnuts, meat, sweets. When it is hot on both sides (so-called sottano and soprano), lies in a copper pan with the lamb pieces (seasoned with chopped bacon, garlic, parsley, rosemary sophie kinsella and sage), accompanied by potatoes mountain. Cooking in the text is a cross between the oven, which makes crisp the surface, and the steam, which enhances the organoleptic characteristics of the raw material. That said, raising the Zeri is the only way to preserve the breed. Once again, then, is the ancient pact between the pastor and animal, to praise the nature and continuity of the life cycle. Not blind animal rights, and even the retail industry. To complete the work, in an evening of tradition and delicacy found, is the database on behalf of human Michele Marcucci, will accompany all to what we can safely consider the best Pinot Noir in Tuscany, Podere Fortuna Fortuni , the company will also Mugello other wines of its production. Drink rich in meats and evening around 19 to 45 euro. Sunday 7, you go to dinner but it also tastes our history.
Here we go. The new book by well-known journalist Claudio Mollo, all dedicated to the raw material sophie kinsella of our sea, will be presented to the Prince of Piedmont prossino Monday, 8 October at 18:30. It will be called The bluefish copyright, subtitle In Tuscany, and sees the food and wine undertake a series of photos where ...
Even the day after Maximilian and Gabriele Rossorubino, the restaurant informal and full of surprises Via Fratelli Rosselli 17 Ex Field of Aviation in Viareggio, we have prepared a tasty Thursday
Great taste, candid, natural, related to the Lombard tradition sophie kinsella yet beautifully played by reality Tuscan yesterday evening at Enoteca sophie kinsella Marcucci, for the event, organized

with the participation of La Gazzetta di Viareggio. From Milan also came an insistent rain, but it has not dampened the incredible magic of local Marcucci.
That the mustache of Gelateria G-spot we had used to surprises, strokes of genius, ice cream and sour combinations, it was well known. But one of his projects, in collaboration with the intern Spanish sophie kinsella Chillaron Salvador, bring Viareggio to Brussels for the awards,

the 11th October, the best projects "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs" is not ...
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