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Devil Bones is an entertaining and easy to read crime. A good and solid between the trade. It was d

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I have read all Tempe Brennan books by Kathy Reichs. Most are good and exciting, a few are really good and one or two are downright bad. This, Devil Bones, is number 11 in the series, and they can all be read fairly without major problems outside the order. But as always with series where the same persons appear, it is a good idea to read them in order, as there is no person development, revelations of past cases in recent books and more.
Devil Bones is an entertaining and easy to read crime. A good and solid between the trade. It was definitely not bad, but on the other hand did not really something new under the sun, and the plot was not super interesting. The main plot is about alternative religion such as Santeria, Wicca, Voodoo, etc. And then there's some murders, a legal anthropological work and some friction between Tempe and police, her male friends, her boyfriend mm. Some of it is starting to annoy me a little, is the "teaching" I constantly receive when I read Tempe Brennan books. flash player 10.3 I read these forensic crime novels because I think it's exciting and interesting and because I like a little splash and some rotting corpses. Since this book is number 11 in a long series, and when Mrs. Reich is not the only one who writes forensic crime fiction (but ok, she is one of the best), then it is as if we either 1) have heard the forensic talk before or 2) do not get a bell on it, because it gets too technical and complicated. And it is precisely when the forensic investigations are complicated flash player 10.3 that Kathy Reichs "teacher" in it in a very patronizing way. I think. flash player 10.3 An example: Temple tells the police flash player 10.3 about some complicated scientific, forensic ting.Tumbe-policeman (who often are both overweight and smoking) says so: Could you repeat that in human language (or something like it). It annoys me just cruel. Well, in spite of this is Devil Bones still a pretty good book that can easily be recommended, especially if you are Tempe Brennan fan and have read the other books in the series. However,

it is not the best of them.
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