Sunday, October 7, 2012

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The fact, horrible,

is consumed at lunchtime, shortly after noon and a half before the incredulous eyes of passers-by in front of the Church of Mercy in via Garibaldi, on the back of the town of Viareggio.
The two, husband modern combat

3 and wife, another Italian, Asian her, they began to quarrel and his son, very small, only three years old, was brutally slapped by his father so much that some witnesses tried to stop him, unfortunately without success, and They called the police after the man has fled on foot, carrying with him the child and wasting their tracks.
Immediate research throughout the downtown area of ​​the fugitive, whose car was parked traced iin Dock, with police, carabinieri and policemen involved in finding him as soon as possible. until, after about an hour, was found by the agents of a steering wheel of the police while walking was walking by Pauline modern combat 3 Bonaparte
The small, that was brought to the emergency room, it was returned to the mother, while his father, whose position is now in the hands of the investigators, was admitted to the psychiatric ward of the hospital only "Versilia".
The agents of the police flying modern combat 3 squad of Carrara have been the subject modern combat 3 of several insulting statements and choirs, modern combat 3 directed against the State Police, by about 25 "fans" modern combat 3 of the football team Carrarese
During a normal control service territory modern combat 3 a patrol station in Torre del Lago stopped foreigner who walked on foot in Viale Marconi. As of now the stranger was particularly nervous and agitated and, therefore, the military has carried out a control ...
About fifteen soldiers involved in the operation, modern combat 3 and significant achievements: 55 inspections, 9 records for a total of nearly 13,500 euro and about 70 pounds modern combat

3 of fish seized. 4 complaints
In fact Mannino is in possession of ad hoc, which allows modern combat 3 him to park the car in the space in front of the town: "Today I forgot to expose it - candidly admitted.
Designed and developed by Directo

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