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Currently, we change the appearance of the map. In my case, in a range of six data to define the sc

From the statistics of the continent local, regional, national and some great maps and utilization, we are able to create an existing one. Create an account in the application only for its creation, route planner uk we start editing the new map. For example, I have it on the map below that was created can be embedded in blogs and websites route planner uk of our time.
Account created by TargetMap sites: In order to create a custom mapping us to create a map of us, it is necessary to previously us. It proceeds as any 2.0 application. Series of statistical route planner uk data by region and province, Spain. It also supports the location of the data. The data in a spreadsheet with them. Select the data you want to work. Spanish population using the data obtained from the website of Francisco Ruiz, in this example, we is through either a manual can be adapted to create before it is possible to enter data, application data can be correctly detected, spreadsheets. route planner uk Web surfing was introduced in, we can get a set of data for Spanish population by province. We can be downloaded by searching in the "evolution of the population / province data /" for the Excel file, you can: file for the historical evolution of the population of each province have provincias.xls. We use (2009) columns of only the most current year. Select the column (including the column headers) and 2009 only local column, and we will copy the new Excel sheet to keep for later use so. Http:// map by residents of the county: file is the one I like and then leave. It's time to start creating route planner uk a map from TargetMap. Access the web, we authenticate with your user name and password. Once we have agreed, we option to view our maps already created, or create a new map, Show.
In order to start creating our map please click "create your own map." Open a new window in the map editor, in those moments, please route planner uk select TargetMap "Spain". The map is centered on us (Spain), to define the source of the data that is currently route planner uk in use the location of your choice: We either (making our selection of it) manually from the spreadsheet file Create a table in.
When you upload a file, we have to detect the data. In our case, the automatically selected as the local spatial data string. Load the map by clicking on "Next," and we've created, and now we need to complete.
(Based on the scope of some of the data, each province of the "color" of us) the sum of the region called the "boundary" to collect, one to collect more data, another layer named "pin point": We dots blue points in the table can be seen so that the application of any data layer "2" to create (in our case, these data are consistent with the region) and It is displayed by.
Displayed (you can copy them for export)
can be from the Edit menu to change the data source, the data table, please also check if there is automatic detection error. In our case, there are some errors in a manner
which is written the names of several route planner uk states. I correct preparation. In our case, we are warned that there is no data in the Balearic Islands and does not recognize the (Medes Islands). In the right pane, you can edit the name, we both windows to save the changes made to the blank. There are no more errors.
Currently, we change the appearance of the map. In my case, in a range of six data to define the scope of both as his legendary, route planner uk I define a white border route planner uk in a rural location. Finally, we ask rellenemos a form using the basic map data, save (Save button).
If you want to define the local and regional level data ares, the aspect marker blue with a white border, we are, by default, you can customize the layer of pin point as well. If we remove the existing watermark in the center of the map, it is necessary to share the map by clicking on the "Share" of the button to complete the form. Once approved, we have a map of our public, shared by the entire community of TargetMap.
Maybe we will be the first screen of the process of creating a new map will be shown to share the map once, application, or close the window, edit the map. from site, in the first case, the link of our maps to access and re-open after they have already been created, you can access from the "My Maps". In the case of the second, please click on the icon that represents just

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