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School oxford dictionary gardens, traditional children's games and colorful | PROVINCIAL GAZETTE
Whether Life Schools Project (Ohope) during the summer for the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara Provincial Directorate of National Education continued with the preparations, Altındağ'daki Hardworkers Kecioren Osman Gazi Primary School Primary School and began to implement the pilot.
Schools, children's play areas and alternatives in the first place was given support in order to replicate. Gained a color image, school gardens, by the Department of General Directorate of EGO and Urban Aesthetics 'Traditional Children's Games' fields

created. Fatso, 8 hopscotch, maze, oil, honey, sell sell, hopscotch, fraction line, dodge ball, balance, puss in the corner, 3 stone game areas renklendirildiği drawn and placed in the school gardens, basketball hoops, play grounds are also marked. Children's play areas providing a more disciplined and spend time together, oxford dictionary the school management and teachers were informed. Thus, for the first time this year, entering the game for the first class courses in the curriculum as well as through physical education classes will be provided more efficiently. School gardens, education and training services outside the opening hours, will be hosted in secure environments for children in order to spend a pleasant time.
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