Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A. The message of this advertising campaign yuo tube that they show in the pictures is that no matt

A. The message of this advertising campaign yuo tube that they show in the pictures is that no matter what color you are, all we really like and equal worth, where as we can see on the photos that we'll see a heart from a yellow, white and a black person where hearts are reltivt just based on the pictures. The target group for this ad campaign I think is for those who may feel outside foreground of their skin color and maybe they are racists where advertising campaign trying to if us that we are all equal in their own way, of all colors together and all skin colors are similar and equally beautiful.
I found messages coming your way easily since I found pictures yuo tube give a simple explanation of what the message is to the instruments in this ad is very strong and noticeable. There, for example, we see one of the pictures a white babie and a black lady who is naked. In the picture we see that Babi covering one breast of the woman who probably sucks on her chest to be if we all have the same body parts etc regardless of color. This means that the message is relatively easy to understand yuo tube for the recipients since the instruments are strong. What makes that may not livestock not come very readily to some is that there is almost no text in pictures so make sure you have to understand the message the ad campaign by studying the images may not be getting the message across completely.
The instruments used in the advertising campaign is that all the images

are taken in normal perspective and objects are placed on the center of the image and not in the golden ratio and that there is almost no text in images. What makes many receivers can catch sight of, or notice yuo tube to the pictures is that it is a bit shocking and surprising use of objects in images as advertisements manufacturers have used, we will see a shirt and box filled with blood and we get to see three forkjellige hearts . These typ of instruments they used some of the recipients to spot them and became more interested in images that allows Maybe the photos have become so familiar that they are.
B. It affects me most when I'm considering buying a product is the most when I might look for such a cool product from some advertising that I'm considering buying. Then I tend to always look through tests and reviews from various websites, etc. I do it because commercials can often exaggerate yuo tube the quality of the product and wonder motakkerne bit like making sure we get another perspective on the product than it actually is in reality something I have experienced . So that's why I usually tend reviewing tests first before yuo tube I go to purchase a new product. I tend not to purchase a product based on an advertisement if it is electrical or very expensive things.
C. I think advertising is more focused on emotions rather than reason because I think feelings have greater impact in the recipients than just facts and reason. One can compare it with movies In movies we get such feelings for the character yuo tube etc in the movie that makes one of us starts to cry and maybe show a betydsom character dies, for example, when the filmmakers have done a very good job. So if an advertisement has aroused some feelings with us, they have much more confidence and impact in recipient and when the producers have done a very good job. Therefore, I think commercials are certainly more now with feelings etc that have the greatest impact yuo tube with us as motakkere and perhaps inspired by netopp

movies etc.
Information should

yuo tube be opplysningom anything or message. The information professionals are opposed to advertising is that it does not sell, but aims to educate people about something and did not sell. And details must first appeared as objectively as possible to be accurate enough to present a normal balanced picture.
B. My media habits affect me that I might be using a bit too much time on the computer since I see a lot on various websites etc aside the part I do on the Internet, etc. I read some news on the net where I read articles and comments etc as gives me a slightly different perspective than when I watch the news on TV, where I found the news conveys little different in their own way which I prefer online news since they are updated faster, etc. And the network will see what other comments and views on the matter that may be helpful info you do not get seen on TV. I mean even I affected little by commercials, examine the product first before investing anything.
C. The media can influence us with commercials to buy the product, news articles considering the perspective we get from nyehetsaken,

but may be slightly different from what it is in reality, since journalists often exaggerate the situation to some extent to get more readers, etc. I found that the allegation that we are so easily by the media is somewhat exaggerated and conservative. yuo tube I found it because many features including blame violent video games if it has happened to a shooting somewhere you quickly learn that any blame from

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