Sunday, October 14, 2012

10. Tourist-day program in Edinburgh - the city of

2. A day or early breakfast. Departure Tyrol and its capital clive cussler Innsbruck. At the time a request / reservation is needed / Visit the museum "Swarovski Crystal world" - an underworld of amazement, consisting of 14 rooms - rooms Wonderland. Walk in Innsbruck - the favorite city of Empress Maria Theresa. Viewing the Old Town Square, Maria Theresa, Shtadturm tower, which is part of the old City Hall building, Goldenes Dah ("house with Golden Roof"), Cathedral St. Jacob. Overnight in Tyrol.
3.den-Breakfast. Guided tours in Strasbourg - Consideration of Gothic Cathedral - one of the tallest buildings in the medieval world famous astronomichekiya clock, showing the positions of the sun, moon, solar and lunar eclipses; Gutemberg clive cussler squares and Kleber, Petite France district / boat /. Overnight in France on way to Calais.
4.den-Early morning departure for England. Crossing the Channel by ferry Calais - Dover. Arriving in London in the late afternoon. Discover the most famous street in the London-Oxford street in London overnight.
5.den program clive cussler with local guide including a panoramic tour of the neighborhood clive cussler City, St Paul's Cathedral / no entry / Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Big Ben, 10 Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, St Deyms Park, Buckingham Palace and more. / 5 surcharge GBP /. Visit the Tower of London, the Royal Treasury and the sheltered arms muzey.Snimki at Tower Bridge and City Hall London. Afternoon optional clive cussler visit to the museum of wax figures Madame Tussauds .. Overnight in London.
6.Deo Go to Liverpool, known as the city of the Beatles, accommodating the largest cathedral in England, located r.Marsi.Razhodka near the old port-Ablard Dog. Hour panoramic clive cussler tour avtobus.Prestoy-located in Chester River Dee famous ruins of the Roman amphitheater and the Temple of Minerva, the impressive Old Town, Cathedral and Chestarskata watch from Victorian East End. Overnight in Liverpool / Chester.
7.den-Early morning departure by ferry from Holyhead to Ireland - "Home

of the Rainbow", the turbulent country revels clive cussler in Irish traditional music and reels, a hospitable Irish. Arriving in the capital of Ireland - Dublin, birthplace of famous writers Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett and James Joyce ... A panoramic tour of Dublin, clive cussler beautifully situated on the banks of the River Liffey and Irish Bay: College "Trinity"-the oldest in Ireland, keeping the vast number of Christian Manuscripts Library, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Castle, clive cussler the former Viking stronghold whose history is linked clive cussler to the dominance of English in Irlandiya.Po request / booking to / visit the famous factory in world beer "Guinness" or visit the old distillery of Jameson Irish Whiskey Night near Dublin.
8. P ROGRAMME day south of Dablin.Poseshtenie of Glendalog - one of the most interesting historical and holy sites of the island, kelstko old town and famous educational clive cussler center of the 16th century. Continue to the medieval city of Kilkenny - former clive cussler capital of Osorno Norman clive cussler Kingdom and the seat of the first independent Irish Parliament, clive cussler and now a center of crafts and Irish history and culture, and the Irish annual beer festival. Visit the famous castle and walk in the charming medieval

city center. Accommodation near Dublin.
9. day visit to Belfast, and praised clive cussler the legendary band Boney M. In Belfast interest are Royal University and Castle, the Royal Hall of liquor. Traveling to Scotland - the land of bagpipes, the Scottish plaid and malt whiskey in Scotland misty mountains dotted with ancient castles and picturesque lakes, the land of Robert Burns and Walter Scott. Short ferry ride to Glasgow - the clear and bright clive cussler city of Scotland, located on the banks of the River Clyde, whose name means "beautiful green space." Viewing Glasgow - George Square Square with City Hall City Chambers and the pedestrian zone. Overnight in the Glasgow area.
10. Tourist-day program in Edinburgh - the city of "medieval skyscrapers". clive cussler The motto of Edinburgh, says: "If you go in the UK and see Edinburgh journey will be in vain." In Edinburgh, connect clive cussler the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of "Treasure Island" - Robert Louis Stevenson and the popular Harry Potter . Visit Edinburgh Castle, served as a palace of the last kings of Scotland. Visit the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, where you can see the process of distilling the famous Scotch whiskey. Walk along the "Royal Mile" - the oldest part of the city, small streets with Gothic buildings and traditional pubs stories and secrets to the palace Holly Road House - the official residence of the royal family. Departure and accommodation in the region of York /

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