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- This year our team is playing again and in September and October, touch typing and what will happ

A.Katkevičius. Let's touch typing begin to think that our homeland is Europe (524)
Aurelius touch typing Katkevičius - journalist, editor, polyglot, intellectual, erudite, a former public relations professional (some for work in this cursed touch typing so far), loved journalism students studying teacher, guide, I will never forget.
The man of whom his wife Regina has said to me: "And as for what I had such happiness?". It seems to you that I said about him a lot? No, actually touch typing I have not told him about almost anything, because it's just words that pales before the time that you voluntarily choose to live Aurelius.
- People saying goes (sorry for her straightforwardness) that one backwards on the two mares neatsisėsi, but you sit down. And not on the two, and on at least five - are two magazines editor worth of books from foreign languages, participates on intellectual TV games bloggers conferences. What makes divide itself into as many parts?
- Mare is more than enumerate the - we've just released another monthly magazine illustration history, touch typing "which is also editing, so now I am editor of three magazines, though, I think it will last very long, because we have a helper. The first Iliustruotosios history "number you have just arrived from the printers and will appear in the next few days outlets.
Even journalists She teaches creative writing and editing. I tell how to write texts for magazines and how to edit them. However, most of them learn to be free, not to be afraid to express yourself. Also, sometimes I read lectures on "Business leaders' clubs.
No division is not, mainly because it is one and the same activity. Of course, something had to give. Refused to "hum" and the majority of social networking. Invitations to all kinds of parties I'm getting on a daily basis, but they almost never do not visit - I do not have time. I'm doing what I'm wondering, and when you do that, what's interesting, a time is enough. Working nekamuoja me tired, on the contrary - like to be alone. I think I am in place, and doing my dream job.
- They are a little superficial, touch typing but also free. However, they are generally touch typing terribly touch typing fantastically delicious. I do not see any unmotivated slacker, of which some elders like to grumble. My students - wonderful. They are motivated, literate, curious. I can only praise them and praise and recommend employers. I think that not one of them and I will help get a job.
The first lesson is always asking what they read. These authors, a broad range of Jean-Paul Sartre touch typing (Jean-Paul Sartre), Hunter S. Thompson (Hunter S. Thomson), Antoine de Saint-Exupery (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). No particular interest in one of their material assets and did not notice consumerist orientation could not blame them.
- Our family friends from Norway said that his country will never not buy the magazine, titled "Business Class" because it clearly shows the contact and essay topics. Scandinavian socialist society, where a very strong union, a popular Labour Party, perhaps, could not be called a prestigious publication as Lithuania. But what formed the readers portrait of Lithuania,

a country whose people over several decades have been trained to know that exact phrase is not necessarily hiding the same content?
- "Business class" let since 2000. We were thinking to change the name, but finally left the same as it is already known to his accustomed. "Business Class" is a kind of comfort zone, where you can find a wide variety of topics. touch typing Although the overall situation in the media is that the farther, the more publications will be increasingly more specific contact, the increased number of niche publications.
- The condition "if financially pajėgtum" - very important. If so, I would like to let snobbish magazine about culture with a capital touch typing letter, about modern culture, such as, for example, touch typing "The New Yorker". It is written not only about art, but also the culture in a broad sense - business and other areas of culture.
- I laugh TV tough guy image created - it is the men in black suits and dark glasses, raised to the top of the two extremities of the fingers, touch typing so last year I was pleasantly surprised when she saw men TV3 screen, not just in black suits, but solid brains struggle to gathered intelligence, knowledge and the scholarship program, "What? touch typing Where are you? When? ". How will it be this year?
- This year our team is playing again and in September and October, touch typing and what will happen next - I do not know. This game - a total adrenaline deficit even hand shaking. Playing an important knowledge accumulated over time, they used to maybe 60%, other 40% - teamwork, quick team brainstorming. It's a great workout by learning to manage a very diverse group of people and to achieve that these different instruments touch typing playing the joint work. Naturally, the game appeared in television, because in Lithuania in recent years has become very popular mental battles. This is a global phenomenon, Lithuania - not

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