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Taking Inspiration From Anant Pai - NYTimes.com

of Amar Chitra Katha Pvt Ltd. A collection of Amar Chitra Katha comics. It was an unlikely spot for a comic book dork-out, on the sixth floor of a nondescript office building in midtown Manhattan. But it s a testament to a city teeming with subcultures cars 2 streaming that a devoted following, including the British writer Hari Kunzru and Basement Bhangra s own DJ Rekha , showed up to the Asian-American Writers Workshop

on Feb. 16 to talk about the Amar Chitra Katha comic series nearly one year after the death of its creator, cars 2 streaming Anant Pai.
Mr. Pai created the comic book series after watching a quiz show on state-run television in 1967 in which a child contestant was unable to answer the question: Who was the mother of Ram?, the Hindu deity.
He wanted to connect Indian children to their history, and the series sepia-toned, cars 2 streaming fantastical cars 2 streaming scenes from Hindu epics became an almost instant hit, selling 90 million copies worldwide. He probably did not expect that, for Indian-Americans, these books would become a welcome salve in a country cars 2 streaming where depictions of their own heritage were noticeably absent.
As a kid growing up in New York, it was cool that dudes that looked like me were in a comic book, said Mr. Suri, who, until he started reading ACKs as a teenager always thought of comic books as the province of some unattainable American hipness.
But these books were more than fodder for childish nightmares or ways to pass seemingly cars 2 streaming endless summer vacations visiting relatives in India. Etched into the brains of this new generation of writers and artists, they became a creative inspiration and link between the distinct places that they and their parents were born.
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