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Xavieramma says as follows. Is that for nuclear power plant uneconomic dangerous so that does not a

This article, it will not been translated into the following languages: Malagasy India: Mitohy ny Fifandirana obituaries Manodidina ilay Toby Nokleary Kudankulam Swahili India: Mgogoro wa Mtambo wa Nyuklia wa Kudankulam Waendelea ব ল ভ রত:. ক দ নক ল ম আনব ক শক ত ক ন দ র ন য আন দ লন এখনও চলছ Español India: Continúa el conflicto de la central nuclear de Kudankulam English India: Conflict obituaries Over Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Continues
Nuclear power projects in the district Kudankuramu September 2012, the province Till Nell Vu~e Li southern tip of India,

Tamil Nadu (see previous article) which began operations in a storm of protest. Although I started the supply of electric power, nuclear obituaries power plant Kudankuramu arrest of the person who does the protest has yet been carried obituaries out, and has continued restraint of anti-nuclear activists, the situation is getting worse. On October 9, was trying to strengthen the solidarity expressed throughout India share the suffering of the people opposed to nuclear power, but also calls for a two-week protest.
(Revolutionary Democratic Front) has issued a statement obituaries (Sun), Revolutionary Democratic Front, October 14, condemned obituaries the arrest and wrongful obituaries imprisonment of field survey team members for nuclear power plants Kudankuramu All India Tamil Nadu. October 12, the research team was detained

at a distance 20 km from Nanguneri Kudankuramu, opened obituaries as the "illegal gathering". After the restraint of day, police arrested on the basis of the various provisions of the Criminal Law Amendament Act (Amendment of the Penal Code) them. Research team members are in prison Pala Royan Coe ッ Thailand.
Currently, opposition to nuclear power plants have eroded the homes and livelihoods of people Kudankuramu are bravely fighting several months. This nuclear power plant will bring enormous risk for the safety of the surrounding area, residents, whether it is not also pose a danger to the environment, I have harbored doubts and concerns extremely legitimate. The government is to keep the support in place to meet such a voice, that ruthlessly suppressed people to protest but. Also that you are trying to suppress the government to restrain the investigation team's local time, on the protests that have already been carried obituaries out in which situations and Kudankuramu, of course, can be issued an opinion, obituaries and speculation as to avoid even be known I have been evident. The government, he's just trying to intimidate, suppress every voice that indicates the solidarity and support to those who are fighting against the nuclear power plant Kudankuramu.
Xavieramma says as follows. Is that for nuclear power plant uneconomic dangerous so that does not appear any more in the world. Everywhere in India, of us to be here, "I and many people, in protest obituaries against the nuclear

power plant very I am who I mean it 'would create a place that is not ever know. they lose the sea and land of their own simply. itself life is at risk. in such a place that you are raising the voice You would want to live? "
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