Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank you my mom for the beautiful picture on the left! And the fungus for the right one ^ ^ So h

Hey people! Before starting my article I wanted to notify you of a small change ... Good dj, I plan to revamp my blog-yet-. I'm tired of peas and cloudiness ... In short: I'm gonna change everything! minecraft map ^ ^ And also, that dornavant I n'crirais more my articles in black ... I find a dull and sad ... So I try to do a little bit more color, and connection with my photos ... Then I try to care a little more prsentation of my texts, because that strength, I find them a little heavy reading ... : D Voil, I was Espre that you enjoy it! : D
--------- Let us return to z 'NAILS! : D (you will not here the subtleties very halloweenesque the "back" (live ghosts) and "z'ongles" reminiscent "zombie." Yes, I'm sre you the 'did not ^ ^). Dj c'quoi this title suuuuuper labor (for not much else, but j'tais so inspired that I t requires to call this manicure as well)? ? The 60's - 70's is compared to very flashy colors and contrasts that met a lot during these years the (type here) ... And I have a few times here. "France" is for French manicure ... and "pop" it is always the color very ... Pop! And also because, for some reason, I'm minecraft map visualizing a wonderful bottle of champagne '.... And that the plug has * POP *! HAHAHAHAHA Premirement, let me prsenter minecraft map the base coat ... Especially the blue night ... Because it is beautiful ... This is a polish I had on my mom dj pos # here, but I had absolutely no highlights! And this time, I managed to! : D
[You can click to enlarge] Let manicure without delay of the day! : D Tadaammmmm! : D Iris made the crazy ^ ^ Something very color (the Iris), very inverse (Iris still) very contrast (always Iris), and always simple (and Iris more ...) ... Well, no, not so simple .. At least, the right hand does galre!
Thank you my mom for the beautiful picture on the left! And the fungus for the right one ^ ^ So how is it qu'j'ai RALIS c't'affaire? (All in the manure!!)

Forgiveness: $ For the left hand, nothing could be easier! We put two layers of this gorgeous orange is left scher, and frenchise over with her wonderful dark blue, very opaque, minecraft map and no worries ... But for the right ... Ben c'tait another pair of sleeves .... Yeah, we will not do the same with the left, because the orange live on the dark blue, well, we imagine the rsultat crappy ... So, the number one solution was to apply a layer of white french (over midnight minecraft map blue), then the orange ... Story said orange orange pops indeed, not old and ugly thing translucent ... I finally rcapitulons to the free edge:
1 base coat + 2 coats of dark blue + 1 white + layer 1 or 2 coats of orange + 1 layer of top coat = 6 or 7 days of drying, minecraft map in a nutshell: A CATA! So niet ... Voil so I put my blue night party, minecraft map while conscientiously avoiding varnish my french! With the brush of varnish, flat and wide ... What do you need?! THE GALRE!!

And then repeat ten times what (yeah, five fingers, two layers!) ... Pfouuuh, one is glad when a s'finit!
J '(l) the PHOTO! Misre dissipates once I finally finish! And I had top-coater ... But only the next day, just fix everything is well! And finally, I wear this manicure 5 or 6 days ... And had no time to put the damn top coat! When I say that this year with the course I really less time! This is serious all the same! Finally, all these little things put hand, I really loved the deco! Very pop, very rtro and flash! What better way to brighten dull dead time? : D And should add that the function is splendid, and it married perfectly with flashy! Association with any opposition, and contrasts ... Occasionally did good! : D So, what is your opinion on my nail-art-in-title-super-long-and-totally-barjot? :)
IRISxDxONGLES, Posted on Friday, 09 November 2012 at 7:23 AM
Hehehe, yes, sometimes has happened to me! I say these two colors are absolutely not together ... All objects! And finally, minecraft map trying, minecraft map one realizes that a slap in the mm box! : D Glad to get more surprise! : D Kisses!
britt wrote: "Woooh, very nice everything (good, fair share mousss your nails on violet-blue ...: D), I looove minecraft map the mix of the two colors, it is good, your photos are very beautiful ..... and I do not know how you do it to both the left hand on the right and vice versa ... You're ambidextrous and you're lucky .. .! Voil, j & # 0

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