Monday, November 12, 2012

The Aperitif Jars Salt

Corks: from the tree to the bottle through the cork taint Top
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You've heard these phrases is not it? Or maybe you even spoken. But where does this taste? Did you know? Which I KNOW because I learned a lot about it at the Catalan Institute of Cork a few weeks ago at a press trip.
The cork stopper is a tree, the cork oak (Quercus Suber) that grows around the Mediterranean basin. It is the largest acreage of cork in Portugal, Spain, a little less in Algeria and Morocco and, to a lesser extent in Italy, adam sandler movies France and Tunisia. Here is what it looks like:
I was surprised to learn that it took 30 years to make extraction used for the production of caps. The harvesting of cork (extraction) is done during the dry period. The tree is becoming more vulnerable to mold, it is best to avoid the rain.
In the first sampling we get called virgin cork cork used for eg insulation of our homes. It is not elastic enough to produce plugs. This first extraction occurs when the circumference of the tree is at least 60cm away and maximum attention to literature, a height of 2 times the circumference. Ca va? No need for a drawing? ^ - ^
The second extraction takes place between 9 and 14 years later (depending on the area where the tree grows). It can not always be used to make bottle caps for wine, but it can be used for the production of granules used for the handles of champagne corks.
Cork obtained from this sample {and} all the following samples is called reproduction cork. It is at this time highly flexible as it contains a lot of suberin. adam sandler movies The cork oak may undergo 6-8 extraction providing top quality before equilibrium suberin / lignin exchange, causing greater rigidity cork.
Several molecules are responsible for this false taste, but the main trichloroanisole or TCA. If I'm telling you is that the cork is not solely responsible for this taste. TCA is exogenous adam sandler movies wine, wood or cork but can form in these products. Trichlorophenol that appears, there must be a substance containing phenols (natural) comes into contact with a substance chlorinated products often end cleaning barrels, wood treatment and once in the detergent caps .
Contamination can be caused by the barrels in which the wine stayed, bottles contaminated wooden pallets or simply by air su chai

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