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Anant Pai was more than an educationist he was one the best India has ever seen. He was more than an

Reading is more than just an ability it is a source of immense joy and even a melting pot of nostalgia. No one got this message across better than the lovable Uncle Pai. Google pays tribute to everyone’s just dance 3 song list dear Uncle by dedicating a Google doodle in his honor. Today is his 82nd birthday; today (17th September) is the birthday of a precious part of our childhood.
Anant Pai was more than an educationist he was one the best India has ever seen. He was more than an awesome just dance 3 song list cartoonist. He was more than a story writer. He is a part of life for thousands who have grown up reading his works and then wished that they remain kids, just so that they can share the innocence of Uncle’s creations. Anant Pai, more lovingly known as Uncle Pai’, just dance 3 song list created the ultimate storehouse of children’s knowledge Amar Chitra Katha, which literally translates to Immortal Picture Stories’. Figures show that Amar Chitra Katha sells 3 million books on average just dance 3 song list per year, since its inception in 1967, with over 100 million sold over these years. But these are merely figures the number of lives these books influenced is much higher.
Google’s just dance 3 song list doodle (first pic, above) depicts Uncle Pai sitting in his office, surrounded by shelves full of his own creations. Two such pictures, one in which Uncle Pai is sitting and the other in which he is standing, form the doodle, with the writing of Google’ connecting the two. A mouse-over reveals that it is meant to celebrate Anant Pai’s 82 nd Birthday’. Clicking will lead to a search page searching for the name of Anant Pai’. So Many Childhood Memories
It’s difficult for me to be merely professional while writing this, since it evokes so many gorgeous memories of my childhood. Who could forget the lovable Suppandi , the simpleton servant, who would happily get his orders mixed up and produce just dance 3 song list some innocent humour? Remember Shikari Shambu , whom the world reputes as a brave hunter, but is really meek and gentle? Somehow, in spite of bungling up everything, he would still end up the winner, protecting his own reputation and also delighting young hearts.

to sketch a character, who is evil, but is still loved? Take some inspiration from Tantri the Mantri . He is the evil minister to the innocent king Raja Hooja and is constantly planning to usurp the throne. just dance 3 song list The king trusts him with all his heart and, somehow, Tantri never succeeds in anything that he conspires to do. These are only the most famous characters in the Tinkle series a flagship program of Amar Chitra Katha. Apart from these, Tinkle used to be famous for the Uncle Pai’s own column, where perfectly scientific ideas were explained just dance 3 song list to children in an easy-to-digest and, most importantly, fun manner.
Ask anyone who has read Amar Chitra Katha’s publication what their favourite childhood memories were. Uncle Pai and his creations will definitely be among them. As for me, I wish I could laugh out as loudly as I did as a child, when I read about Suppandi just dance 3 song list messing up on his job. No, I no longer possess that innocence. I’m just happy that I was lucky enough to have Uncle Pai by my side, when I did possess it. Tags: Google Doodle just dance 3 song list , Google News
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