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"Sure we will give foreigners a representation of a foreign language" Favorite International reaction | demo
Or some phrase jobs ni that I think it'll be a very good representation of this in a foreign language I Comment by submitted you guys know? I normally do it "for the children who do not listen to the words of some of the things jobs ni that I

/ Comment by Pantisocracy 837 points have heard, say that in Finland, crying guy "please choose one way or while doing some. That is "Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof" the word of the Comment by Erinnerin 8 point Germany "Life

is not a pony farm" Words I. In short, "life abundant" This is the Turkish word "rat death is imminent is the cat scratching the Pi" It would not even be enough to explain dare Well Comment by Eelist 7 points I can. Do not like this when I was doing something and it is I come back to you. I think the meaning jobs ni is close to "bite the cat cornered rat" probably. jobs ni "This son of a turtle" Comment by fork_in_eye 5 point refers to the men who were the Cuckold his wife to others in Chinese. Comment by Lyeta 3 this point "Ich habe eine Kater" "I have bought a cat (male)" means "has become a hangover" =. Why is this became so so I do not know to me. This is the most interesting in the expression 's strange but well German. I'm also a word of Polish Comment by Chimney-Rexxar 1 point means "do not care separately"

"There are flies around my Pi" This. Fellow of the Russian car Chan of 3 points Comment by rgboo say is who cares "This cheese can get for free is not only exist on rodent officer" jobs ni such a thing "in the word Comment by squiggothhunter 4 point Greece 's jobs ni called? "probably not like this. "When the gypsy village on fire" thanked Comment by cheeeo 2 points in the Spanish language there are people jobs ni who say "no hay de queso no mas de papa". This is the translation of "cheese is not even a piece, there's only potato" "no ay de que" This bullet

Comment by QsBlues 1 point meaning of feel Comment by to speak only the truth always me "no problem" "swimming in the semolina" Representation of two-point French Comment by King_Tool the result is not a good thing this is the translation of a rough and angry with what QsBlues 2 point even wore "'m a total stranger, Is that what this is?" It means. "semolina" is that of wheat meal. "Ist mir Wurst / Wurscht" "it is my sausage" I like the guy I been translated yet another word in the language of Germany Comment by Mortagon 1 point. I mean there is a phrase "shrug your ass after you fart" to the Japanese one point "I do not care separately" Comment by awh. "Staring at the dark eyes of you" Comment by MrEpicFace 1 point kana "close the barn door after joined by bolts horse" and something similar in English This appearance age and one in Greek word that is used when we say that those who have not will. Face "of the person ugly ... I think the face of a bulldog that is chewing

on wasps that perhaps was a word that was born from Newcastle this last Sun 2 Comment by BonChicBonScott 2 points that fall from the tree even Comment by eastofASURA 1 point monkey "This is a phrase of Russian Comment by zzmeey 2 points" this (Ебала жаба гадюку) "meaning male compelling called does not exist in the story that are poisonous snake is in moss because of the toad is similar to. Comment jobs ni by traktorman 1 point "every day (not every day is your birthday) or is not a birthday" in something similar to this "lightning こ not fallen twice" What 's. It 's not like that lucky. But there will be a strange feeling after the literal translation of "Pi Is your" Who's me. This annoying guy said to have felt like "it 's not that strange Nikki Ten." Say "chicken" when a woman prostitute jobs ni that I quarrel with each other in Brazil Comment by creativepun 1 point. Do pick a species that has fallen on the ground I walk around chicken hey? Do not go from picking jobs ni a man walking around in a club or a prostitute same. I wonder if the guy of my favorite German Speaking Comment by ruetero 1 point. This "ich verstehe

nur Bahnhof" Does that mean, "Do you know if the train station," the translation of the point. This sentence is used to something when I could not understand anything. Comment by Guardian_Jecht 2 points Poland two days ago: "This is a black than black ass" translation "dark here," Chan said that Ittsumo car out. What is father have similar expressions in the representation of Spanish language Comment by capulinflicker 1 point "when pigs fly". I will "when grown hair and nails to grow frog" jobs ni and translated. Comment by Brezita 1 point is the meaning of "Estoy embarazada con gemelos" the translation jobs ni of "full", "I'm pregnant with twins" become. Comment by ColdBvgCPL 1 point in English and Arabic. I think literally translated into that of someone that old man called "His teeth are long," but this was not or should proverb, when I learned I Hey this is fun! This I think was a Polish proverb certainly Comment by Bryaxis 1 point. Greek last Sun 2 Comment by philmond 1 point "are you? You think I am and have been drinking me claw my own" this sense (which is derided things boaster) "noisy best barrels empty" is "Who are you? Do you think I have the ability to view the Spirit" There is a thing called "like water off a duck's back" in Japanese proverb is 1 point Comment by Narwhals4Lyf. This is called jobs ni meaning almost impossible.

Say "lick the windows" that the "window shopping" in French.
This is used when things are getting worse somehow.
"You can not eat the grass there for you too goat" Any Spanish jobs ni phrase "Yerba que esta pa 'ti, no hay chivo que se lo coma." (Cuban) literal translation last Sun 2 Comment by cuntpunter2001 1 point "Pancakes!" Comment by JuryNightFury Comment by agoyalwm 29 points and literally means "Блин!" meaning I'm there! "Shit" in Russian "impossible to avoid coming close to what you" meaning 34 points to the Russian word meaning what was said, this is the translation of "Ne Vesi lapshu na ushi" Is there such "Do not lie to me" in the "run into the noodles in my ear." There is the saying "think of all the human thief thief" Comment by andybobz 44 points in the Danish language. Huh I love this phrase. To represent the Danish have a lot of good things. Comment by mkj5251 53 points in this French "mele-toi de tes oignons" When the literal jobs ni translation is "Do not meddle" say "foreign language" Comment by garmachi 117 point main thread jobs ni is "Tero mix the onion" I've been assigned good to know, English is a foreign language Nde I took the non-English speaking people. I messed up in the head aesthetic as it is to imagine such a conversation to mean what the heck is in this English phrase "shooting the shit". Say "communist desire to stay home," slang of the period of Spanish girls in Denmark Comment by FlareHeart 117 points. Phrase of this Russian Comment by Thornnuminous 131 points I like "to fuck with my head question is justified" Comment by supercell17 141 point "Non si puo avere la botte piena last Sun 2, e la moglie ubriaca . I can not get someone drunk wife while filled with wine glass "in Italian this is" "This jobs ni is called in English" and "I can not that have remained have a cake to eat the cake You're the same meaning. Comment by chocolatemonkeysfly 145 points "of my stomach tightened because jobs ni of you" This is that "I miss you" 's. jobs ni
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November 10, 2012 11:20 ID channel jobs ni hamster 2: 0 but also to hear words like "young people jobs ni away from alcohol" hamusoku, I wonder how is fact. (Figure 1), in recent years, the decline in sales volume and watch the alcohol. We also changed the breakdown, in 2000, the beer had a majority of the entire alcohol, and reduced to 30% in 2010. In addition, although jobs ni 10% of the total is more than even alcohol sake, I'm now off to a 10% decrease. Looking at the change in the rate of drinking habits jobs ni then, in their 20s has decreased for both men and women, jobs ni are elevated in the high age. Decrease in middle-aged men, women are flat. It is said that "young people away from alcohol", men are actually away from alcohol is not the only young people. It would also have changing preferences, since the rate of drinking habits has decreased generation working in their 30-50, it would be a greater impact of the suppression of consumption reduced opportunities for drinking due to the recession after the financial crisis. In addition, the decrease in the amount of drinking of these layers, would have led to a decrease of the total alcohol sales volume. E: 11:20 ID nameless hamster November 10, 2012: 1

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