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3, Aralia elata, barbed old bud stabbed the old buds, also known as thorn crows, barbed Aralia Aral

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Northeast's identification of wild plants (2010-08-20 00:54:24)
The mother mother Ding Ding scientific name, also known as dandelion; alias: yellow flower seedlings, yellow to the small. Dandelion in the distribution is the most widely used in many parts of North China, Central China, East China,

Northeast and other areas, spring, summer, autumn, fields, roadsides, hillsides, as well as around their houses, both growth. Dandelion has high medicinal value. translations Have a certain bactericidal effect. The long-term, a large number of proven: dandelion blindly precious herbs, and of sweet, bitter, cold, clearing and detoxifying, consumption carbuncle Sanjie, anti-inflammatory, cooling, translations diuretic, choleretic laxative, stomachic, anti-cancer and many other kinds of functions.
2, endive endive, translations Compositae, aka, bitter herbs, bitter pock Patrina grass (northern region), the thistle (sound ji) sonchus, take Ma vegetables, to take selling vegetables. Northeast food mostly endive dipping sauce; Northwest edible buns, dumplings, noodles or processing sauerkraut; North China food mostly cold. Endive, mainly located in Northwest China, North China, Northeast and other places, the wild in a desolate hillside, beaches, roadsides. Endive clearing and detoxifying, cooling blood dampness, translations swelling and pus, and analgesic method stasis, tonic effectiveness of cough. The prevention and treatment translations of anemia, and to maintain the body's normal physiological activities.
3, Aralia elata, barbed old bud stabbed the old buds, also known as thorn crows, barbed Aralia Aralia elata, a tree bud Araliaceae Aralia. Wild distribution in the northeastern part of China, Hebei, Liaoning, eastern and southern mountainous eastern Jilin Province and Changbai Mountain translations area, the mountains of eastern Heilongjiang Province, Wanda, Xiaoxing'anling Shandong Province, translations Qingdao Laoshan. Growth in weed trees, secondary forest, and coniferous and broadleaved mixed forest edge, bushes, hillsides, valleys common. The Aralia elata unique flavor fragrance, delicious woody vegetable, popular in domestic and overseas markets all ages, with the reputation of the "king of the mountain vegetables. Thorn old buds except translations buds edible root bark for medicinal parts, oil seeds, plants and dotted with parks,

amusement parks, as well as do spiny material. Its characteristics whole body covered with hard spines, rarely forked, often a main stem is straight, every spring, as temperatures gradually increased, Aralia elata shoots begin to grow in early buds Meng when brownish green. translations Bud thorn old has extremely rich in nutrients, and natural wild very little, it is rich in 16 kinds of amino acids and 22 trace elements, essential calcium, manganese, translations iron, titanium, nickel, copper, germanium, and other content higher than ginseng, known as "the best in the world delicacies", became one of the main varieties of the Northeast the Export Potherb the. Barbed old tooth from spring to early summer can be picked, but better late spring season leaves curl unstretched. The summer after the leaves grow old can not eat. Thorns old bud taste fresh, after picking washed, blanched and too cold, can be mixed with soy, pickled, fried, fried, stewed, dipping sauce, do porridge, soup.
Bracken also called fist dish, catlike, the leading food (as well as parts called the "wolf head") wishful dishes, Shang Shan Chi Wu waxy. Belong to Pteridaceae. Hi Born in a shallow mountain sunny land, located

in the sparse mixed coniferous. Edible parts of unexpanded young leaf buds. Bracken wild in the forest, mountains, pine forests, green wild without any pollution, not only rich body needs a variety of vitamins, as well as bowel and stomach, Shujin active effect. The bracken after blanched in boiling water before eating, and then immersed in cold water to remove odor, can be consumed. Treated bracken fragrance and smooth taste, and then mixed with condiments, cool and refreshing, the rare excellent food and wine. Can also be fried food, processed into dried vegetables, stuffing, and canned pickled into. The general population can eat, the stomach Deficiency caution, ordinary people should not eat. The bracken general strains of up to one meter long root-like cross walk, dark brown fluff. Early spring, new leaves circinate, was the trigeminal strong. Handle translations fresh leaves, on Phi white fluff, this time for the collection period. Petiole length 30-100cm, blade triangular, length 60 - 150cm wide and 30-60cm ,2-3 times pinnately, the lower part of the pinna green, translations brown sori continuous edges of the leaves was born in a dual capsule group cover. And contains a variety of vitamins. Either when the vegetables can be prepared caramel, biscuit, on behalf of lotus root starch and pharmaceutical additives. Regular consumption treat high blood pressure, dizziness, uterine translations bleeding, arthritis embolism, and measles, influenza prevention.
Shepherd's purse, also known as: water chestnut,

Qian vegetables, parsley, translations thistle dishes, on Pat dishes, translations extravagant grass, flower vegetables, grass nursing students, the dish of sheep, translations heart-shaped dish, net intestinal grass, water chestnut dish dish Qingming, Hong Tian mustard pillows grass , and rice dishes, chicken feet dish, leave water dishes, ground-to-ground vegetables, cigarette grass, haha. Shepherd's purse is rich in vitamin C and carotene, helps to enhance immune function. Can lower blood pressure, stomach and digestion, treatment of stomach cramps, translations stomach ulcers, dysentery, enteritis and other diseases. Shepherd's purse of sweet flat, and spleen, diuresis, hemostatic efficacy of eyesight. translations For the treatment of dysentery, translations edema, gonorrhea, chyluria, vomiting

blood, blood in the stool, vaginal bleeding, translations menorrhagia, pain and other red eyes and swollen. Shepherd's purse can be fried, salad, as a the vegetable stuffing Caigeng, edible method diverse special flavor. High medicinal value of shepherd's purse, translations the whole plant medicine, with eyesight, refreshing, antipyretic, diuretic, anti-malaria and other pharmacodynamic. Its flowers and seeds can stop the bleeding, translations and treatment of hematuria, nephritis, hypertension, hemoptysis, dysentery, measles, dizziness, head pain are. Shepherd's purse contained shepherd's purse acid, effective hemostatic ingredients that can shorten the bleeding and clotting time. Shepherd's purse containing a large number of crude fiber, enhance bowel movements after eating, to promote excretion, thus enhancing the metabolism, helping translations to fight hypertension, coronary heart disease, obesity, translations diabetes, colon cancer and hemorrhoids. Shepherd's purse is rich in carotene original due carotene for vitamin A, so the treatment of dry eye, night blindness good food.
Also known as Ming leafy vegetables, monk hat. Alias: the burden of flower, bell flowers, Road Lackey, Baiyao Lee as stems grass, Lu Ru room Figure bitter stems, bitter Campanulaceae. Campanulaceae perennial herb, was born in the mountain grassy slopes, forest edge, and cultivation. Distributed across the country. The Campanulaceae Northeast Korean special translations like a wild, Zanzhe places children call it the "Dog Po, called" Dog Po pickles pickles made, this dish is not generally known for you. Remember "smart Ikkyu" inside Campanulaceae shop owner? Ikkyu and Campanulaceae shop boss daughter relationship is ambiguous. They shop sale bellflower, Japanese are also very fond of this food. The Korean translations famous translations song called "Road Lackey sing Campanulaceae, bellflower translations Korean name is: Road Lackey.
This stuff grows under the ground, look very similar to ginseng, the most obvious feature is that it sticks end out of the blue flowers, I have seen this plant in nuclear partnership ditch, and saw a blue flower pretty translations photo shoot, and later someone told me that this is Eustoma Flower Arrangement. We eat are the Campanulaceae root, high nutritional translations value. translations The Campanulaceae taste slightly bitter. Root hypertrophy, white color, the quality of the real, bitter taste better. Campanulaceae is a traditional food of the nation, the Korean already own plant for many years, it can not be fully counted as wild now, but the Campanulaceae child we eat, there must be wild.
Toon aka Toon nutritious. translations Alias: Toon, Toon head, toon tip, piles of leaves, spring pointed. Toon is called "tree vegetables, the toon tree buds. Annual the spring Guyu around the toon fat buds can be made into a variety of dishes. It is not only nutritious and has a high medicinal value. Toon the leaf thickness bud tender, green leaves red edge, like agate, jade, rich flavor, rich in nutrition is much higher translations than other vegetable dishes for the feast Bin valuable. Special translations aroma, eat delicious Nairen the taste. But in Shenyang to children, I can not find this tree, as early as seven years my family in Dalian Dalian touches toon tree planting In addition the smelly Zhuangshuyuan Another can not eat, look the same, but the taste is diametrically contrary ah.
9, water celery the also known cress, river celery. Its stems are hollow, triangular leaves, white flowers are mainly translations grown in damp places, such as the river and paddy fields, rural police station when I tapped on leeks, meat, pack into a box shape, yellow pineapple leaves skin children, steaming pot, it is called: pineapple leaf cake taste very good. The The water celery of detoxify, lungs, spleen and stomach, translations the digestion Daozhi, diuretic, hemostatic, hypotensive, anti-hepatitis, antiarrhythmic, antibacterial effect. We eat pork fried cress, cress lamb dumplings and cress mixed with peanuts.
10, purslane, translations also known as horse teeth vegetables, grass dent, five parties, grass, usually reddish-brown, leaf hypertrophy, as obovate. It contains protein sulfur acid, riboflavin, ascorbic acid and other nutrients. Eat more containing acids, slightly sour taste. Dent dish medicinal function detoxify, cooling blood to stop bleeding, can lower blood sugar levels, keep blood sugar constant, the role of diabetes. Eat, can be fried, salad, do stuffing over Billy. Such as garlic mixed with horse teeth dishes the horse teeth Caichao eggs, horse tooth vegetable

stuffing buns, dent Caiyu.
There are some wild need to be treated in order to eat, such as some wild yam dishes, mountain garlic, translations Micro-toxic, without soaking the aches and discomfort after eating. Such wild cook sure to soak in water for more than two hours for detoxification translations treatment. translations Should be slightly bitter taste of wild bubble gently remove the bitterness and should not eat. Because of the bitter translations taste of wild bitter cold, the role of detoxification relieve inflammation, translations but excessive consumption can damage the stomach. Most leafy wild little astringency, is about to boil the water, immediately picked up and cook for two minutes, and then into the fresh wild cooking should be boiled to the astringency. Leaves class should not eat fried. The seem, Huaihua, Atriplex, such wild should eat steamed or do sauce. If fried food, sticky astringent, and hard to swallow. Wild like to take fresh eating. Waiting for a long time not only did not fresh wild herbs and nutrients reduce poor taste. Eat vegetables at least, to know that by eating wild plants toxic and non-toxic, do not know the best do not eat wild. Some wild plants contain translations highly toxic light after eating, nausea, swelling, vomiting, severe cases will be life-threatening.
Wild allergies, unfit for human consumption. Usual painkillers, sulfa drugs or eating certain foods, exposure to certain substances prone to allergy, eating wild plants should be careful. For the first time should be a small amount of food, after eating, such as whole body itching, edema, rash or bleeding under the skin and other allergic symptoms of poisoning, should be starved wild, and to the hospital

for treatment, so as not to cause damage to the liver, renal, affecting their health. Growing wild in the river or near chemical plants should not eat. The very high content of toxic substances translations in the wastewater discharged by chemical plants, growing in the river wild plants contain toxins, food does to the body hidden. The ground crops sprayed with pesticides wild is not going to pick.
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