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There is a problem such as the following: If you were to ask for a fee to the fan translation. Info

Comments investor yannick noah (the melody of "Devilman" ED Theme) (Backer), about Japanese translation Project Eternity I do not want to know Nobody knows what the Obsidian you have not already done so, I think we are not watching anyone is who seems to have been also mentions. Rather than in the context of the Japanese version of the request, such as the following story.

And certain ********** Backer (If translated version of) do not know and do not read the forums because native language does not appear until the word or anything (and buy?) For a fee (the translation voluntarily What about. because translated voluntarily no doubt enough to) "story supposed to come out if the deepening Te, English, because yannick noah going to be difficult for non-native yannick noah speakers, is desirable Translated versions. companions Backer, provisionally If you increase the translation language version, Polish and Russian version will be released officially determines after. (such as Japanese and Russian have a language with a potential market is larger than the language requested by you. example I)
There is a problem such as the following: If you were to ask for a fee to the fan translation. Information management is needed because the content contains spoilers. It is also necessary to assess whether the expert eye of a garbage or workmanship is excellent translation. Supervised the entire game making me such a translator is also whether it is possible. Who do you choose among the fans who also ran for the translation work. Do you give equal opportunities? How much compensation is appropriate? Or for all languages that are looking for? For example, a hand to try to translate the list no problem in Koteshirabe spoilers in first. Menu screen, detailing skills, yannick noah and various lower (tradition). Their translation was excellent, now I have to translate the story of the early stages of the game or the prologue. If it was that it also satisfied, in turn, leave for a fee throughout the game. There might be a way like that. In this way, we can also get the translation with no problem so handy, does not have to give up the right to sell. Do you know the first chapter, "show one end job" of (Katawa Shoujo) that you have been translated into how many languages? Release the original company of palm'm not paying money to anyone not even that! (If you work in the text examines the software. Doujin from Japan at your own risk), but is a topic related to localization **********, but at any rate I An organization as a business, it is good at foreign languages, for example acquaintance If the fellow students of leisure dilettante gather a decent number by chance, I do not really seem like that except for very rare cases, such an attempt is voluntary work well. I'm not so many things I actually went well. Problem (you can find plenty of things to do that people can not but there is a foreign language. The Japanese Ala) in native language () I I'm not a foreign language ability. That everyone can increase the advertising balloons and fireworks for the first time (since I only make noise) are very good at if human. But emergency began, the load is concentrated on a small number of people (although there is also the problem of foreign language ability, but rather a problem of motivation). Eventually frustrated

by 20% thus remaining until completion. Because, I just hard work there is required the most. Or wipe the ass of the other person who threw on the way, (which is a feature of the video game scenario is decomposed into a number of files), or together with each other scripts that meaning is no longer communicate at all, a contradiction overall We crushed one by one, to match the tone. Quite a difficult yannick noah task, but patience is required in the time scheduling

Con programming, it is not in the limelight at all the dirty work. They said the same thing once Mr. Geida of BioWare. The advantage of business, because there is a system if you know how to keep dust effortlessly at work like the rest of the 20% that. You will need a form of "business" because there are no other means to ensure the "quality" yannick noah of certain other words. The translation is certainly also much easier better to do alone (if you completely ignore the vast amount yannick noah of script a CRPG). yannick noah It's because the world differently by each human craftsmanship. I think I've been in the Project Eternity Japanese localization, the place is legitimate to do, He Chun So somewhere spike.
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