Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When I saw that Italy had been updated, I was hoping Venice was included - but, no such luck. Not su

Google has been updating and expanding their Street View imagery quite a bit over the past year, but today's update is their single largest in history with more than 250,000 miles of new and updated imagery! In addition, they've doubled the number of special collections that they have available, making Street View even more valuable freecell solitaire than it already was.
They've freecell solitaire increased coverage in Macau, Singapore, Sweden, the U.S., Thailand, Taiwan, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway and Canada and launched special collections in South Africa, Japan, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico and others.
For Denmark I have found following updates:
Kronborg Castle (Elsinore) Hammershus Casle (Bornholm) freecell solitaire Rosenborg Castle and Park (Copenhagen) Parken Stadium (Copenhagen) NRGi Stadium (Aarhus) Harness racing venue (Aarhus) Memorial Park for fallen Danish soldiers freecell solitaire in WW 1 (Aarhus) Botanical Garden (Aarhus) Fyrkat Viking Fortess (Hobro) Roskilde Cathedral Roskilde Viking Ship Center Odense Zoo
"More than 250,000 miles of new and updated imagery" sounds a lot, but it is only equivalent to the government estimate* of the total mileage of roads in the UK, so it's fairly thinly spread around the countries mentioned. freecell solitaire
Google did add dates of imagery at the foot of SV in Maps, so with luck you might spot 2011 or 2012 dates, but the imagery freecell solitaire is probably in fairly fragmented sections and it would be a major job to identify new sections. say, by a distinct colour once zoomed in, or even to create a generalised KML , that is if Google were willing.
Japan: Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto,135.776907&spn=0.003846,0.004785&t=m&z=18&layer=c&cbll=34.968027,135.775888&panoid=DG1gtzqTKoJzAeFkZRQusQ&cbp=12,94.93,,0,5.73
ahh, that's a good catch Martin. I'd hoped the imagery was taken from a boat, but this isn't bad either. Given some of the Japanese imagery and the Amazon of course, I still hope that they will fix up a canal boat with a camera freecell solitaire some day.
When I saw that Italy had been updated, I was hoping Venice was included - but, no such luck. Not surprising, though. Google was photographing Venice for quite a while and only recently stopped - so probably not enough time to process freecell solitaire and upload the images.
Posted by: Sladys at October 12, 2012 4:47 AM
Much of the new SV coverage mentioned in previous posts seems to be on private property, where presumably Google have to negotiate access and owners welcome publicity for attractions. Wonder if this is connected with Google's continuing problems with SV and data protection in the European Union
Nothing new! USA, UK, Italy, Norway, Mexico, Canada, etc. have long been covered the entire range of Street View! And yet you give a village in Street View! Finally

take the countries in which it is torn Street View coverage, or not there at all: Poland, Germany, Serbia, freecell solitaire Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus it. Even normal satellite images there. A desolate wilderness some snapshots.
No one is disputing that this new set of images is anything less than awesome- indeed that's exactly the point! I can check out new images in areas where none were before (the Poland and Romania images are beautiful, and check out the images from Chile and Brazil) but much of the US has been covered freecell solitaire from 2008 so finding the updates is a matter of scrubbing through the entire

set. I'm unconvinced that it would be too hard to indicate areas that have been updated. Even highlighting Counties freecell solitaire that contain updates would be nice.
I'll admit that I'm being greedy, but when you compare freecell solitaire the quality of the "modern" hi-res fully saturated images with the "archaic" low-res dark blurry desaturated images there's no question that greed and envy will arise ;)
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