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Site Description High quality translations at a reasonable price It is no secret that the cost of translation services included not only the translation and editing, fnc but also office space for rent. We rented premises - services supplied only through the Internet. Therefore, unlike its competitors, we are able to offer lower prices. We translate technical, medical, legal and other documents at no additional

cost. We work with all major document formats. You do not have to spend time meeting. Contact us for price without translation jobs. Leave your translation worries us. MK online translation agency Translation - faster, cheaper, more convenient. Accept orders from various Lithuanian cities. With companies signing long-term contracts and provide favorable payment terms. Payment - bank transfer. New customers always ask prepayment. 7 reasons why trust us: 1. High quality translation of various documentation second Professionalism third Expedition fourth Punctuality 5th Confidentiality 6th Convenient service 7th Value for money rates - from 17 thousand for 1500 Sp.Z. Translation price estimate according to the translated text characters emissions. Our pricing policy - very flexible. Translation services are provided fnc for a number of years and we know what is important to the customer. Each text - unique, so it is difficult to determine the interpreter interpreting price without seeing the document. The most common translation are calculated according to character. fnc Publishers counts bows - one bow 40,000 sp. boxes. Translators compelling fnc a literary creations, counts in smaller quantities, but the most common are as follows: 1500 Sp.Z. without spaces, 1650 Sp.Z. without spaces, 1700 Sp.Z. without spaces, 1800, col. boxes. with spaces. EU institutions in the documentation - 1500 characters without spaces. It is also prevalent fnc in computing

terms. One sheet is approximately 250 words. Each translator and translation agency fnc itself determines the translation unit volume. Our Basis - 1500 Sp.Z. no spaces. We translate from English, Russian, Latvian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Belarusian and, of course, the Lithuanian language. From the choice of language combinations will depend on the translation cost. Attention students discounts!
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