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I will continue the old cult series reviews, and this time, prompted a familiar one - or better, sh

I will continue the old cult series reviews, and this time, prompted a familiar one - or better, she užsirezervavo that pakomentuočiau old Mexican series "Fraud" (La Usurpadora), which was developed from 1997 to 1998 m., And whose main role has hitherto little-known now series truck parking games and soap operas, and hailed as the queen visited Lithuania, Gabriela Spanic. I do not know if anyone watched this series once, as it is reflected through not very popular TV channel BTV, when finished, "Esmeralda." truck parking games Personally, I was not looking for this series, only occasional "keep an" eye as household was besieged bellies through other channels at the same time, appear soap operas with very principle liked, so evenings were pretty boring, although I would have gladly watched truck parking games the still young and beautiful ( although perhaps now beautiful) Gabriela Spanic and her difficult truck parking games role "Apgavystėse.
"Fraud" - Volume 102 episodes of TV series, I would say, fairly short, because truck parking games as far as I know the series prikuriama sometimes even up to two hundred cents, but the shorter the better quality maybe - I do not know. In fact, this series was created by the novel of the same name and equitable La Usurpadora "engaged" Užgrobtoji "or" usurper "and not" illegitimate. " After a few years, and was developed as a continuation of the series with a whole different truck parking games story and plot that Lithuania

was known as "Virginia" (2001). (La intruso), again more accurately interpreted as "intruders", where Gabriela Spanic again played different roles twins . Thus, the Užgrobtoji "and" invaders "are vastly associate series, even filmed

in the same house for a while and part he also played in both series. What a huge and unimaginable popularity received a "Fraud" You can only imagine, so the series parallel twin "Virginia" has nowhere near nebeprilygo predecessor.
"Fraud" broke all viewing ratings, not only in Mexico but also in many other countries, it is true, it is even in the BTV was one of the highest viewing series and the ratings were quite high. Also, this series has another record - it shows one even 124 different countries. The starring

actors, especially Gabriela Spanic after the series truck parking games has become a genuine legend. After starring in the creation of it went after the world tour, where he was invited to various events and live TV shows, and in Indonesia it greeted a crowd of thousands, which it wore on a stretcher mounted the throne as queen. Indeed, and what does this series so special? This is the story of the once separated twins sisters Paulina and Paola, one grew up in luxury, while the other - in poverty with his mother, and no one knew of each other's existence,

until finally Lengvabūdė plotter Paola agree Pauline, operating the hotel maid, and treachery makes it back into the house instead her, where she left her husband and children, and pretend it until it is time to have fun lovers. Paulina does not have any other choice, she is accused of stealing, so she accepts the proposal and sister pretending to Paola, but at home, it hit where it was not particularly loved her Lengvabūdė sister, suddenly everything is turned upside down ... (The entire series of the original language you can see on Youtube).
Interestingly, the two different sisters Gabriela Spanic played truck parking games a life also has a twin sister - a former Venezuelan model Daniela Spanic. It is interesting also that the wonderful truck parking games sisters who lived after the accident Daniela coma when she was pregnant with her seventh month. She was comatose when awakened said her sister Gabriela wanted her to die, it jautusi from the beyond. Since that time the two sisters to end their relationship, while Gabriela says that on occasion, very sister survived.
Probably no one knows, but this role was first proposed to exist if the soap opera queen Thalia, known from such series as "Maria Mercedes", "Marimar", "Maria del Barry, Rosalind, but the series producer was stubborn and insisted that role goes to Gabriel and it seems to have a flair really was right.
The show debuted in 1998 in Mexico on Feb. 9, 21:00. and then changed the ending is also very popular series "Maria Isabel". It is unbelievable and the fact that this series was not the first, however, it has previously been on screen three times and in different Latin American countries. The first version appeared in 1972 and sisters played truck parking games a completely different actresses, another version appeared in 1981, and finally, another in 1987. Currently, the Mexican series giant company Televista is creating yet another version of the series titled, "Who are you?" Whose ratings are far from've never nebesumuš

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