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9-11 October. Spanish city of Burgos were Europeana, a conference for public libraries. It was also

Impressions from Europeana conference in Spain at Let's interesting for yourself and others!
9-11 October. Spanish city of Burgos were Europeana, a conference for public libraries. It was also held in Spanish VI Public rizzoli and isles Libraries of Congress. The event was introduced and included in Europeana operations in more public libraries throughout Europe. rizzoli and isles The event was invited to our library. The conference was held in the newly unsealed rizzoli and isles Congress Hall of Forum Evolution "in the city center. New and large hall to accommodate rizzoli and isles all participants: Spain, rizzoli and isles Greece, America, Great Britain, Serbia, Croatia, rizzoli and isles Poland, Finland and others. Library representatives of the Spanish Ministry of Culture, archives, university

rizzoli and isles employees. I remember rizzoli and isles that a large part not only in Spain but also in Croatia, Serbia, America, England Library staff are men. Meanwhile, the Lithuanian libraries in their units. You may have an impact on the rate of pay, for example. Spain is four times higher than in Lithuania. In addition, the Spanish inquired librarians, as they felt the crisis, we learned that instead of 14 salaries a year now they get 13 ... all the participants of the reports emphasized the main theme of the conference - the conversion of a collective memory of an individual. The event was highlighted that the memory is the tool to assimilate the past, and the library can become a mediator between the individual and the public's memory. There was a series rizzoli and isles of presentations about the library's rizzoli and isles history, past, present

and future, were offered different visions of the future, the issues raised are discussed. As The VI-th Congress of the Spanish public libraries, librarians came from different corners

of the country. During the event, I learned that Spain is strongly related to Europeana, long employed in its projects (Europeana Local). Spain is the third country, after Sweden and Germany, providing the most information Europeana. rizzoli and isles After listening to the reports it can be concluded that the Spanish, along with all the public libraries to the same - to continue the development of the digital age, the electronic book digitization of valuable rizzoli and isles items, personal memory of each person making the global legacy. It turned out that all of us, librarians, working in the same trend, but with a different working conditions, experience and capabilities. But we all need to cooperate, collaborate, seek to join the digital world and help the community get used to the changes. rizzoli and isles The posts and comments we learned that Spain has developed rizzoli and isles an extensive network of libraries, rizzoli and isles they will receive funding. And during our visit was finished installing another library Burgos town. It is a shame that they lost their visit. However, After visiting several other libraries that appeared modern, wealthy and prosperous. Of particular impressed St. Augustinian monastery rizzoli and isles located in the library rizzoli and isles and archive, has opened its doors a decade ago. Here modernity intertwined with antiquity: inside and outside combined with modern and sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. seeking elements (animal bone remains, floor, arch). The library can be found in the ancient, yet the fifteenth century. books that recount the history rizzoli and isles of Burgos town. The city itself Burgos Lithuania is probably little-known. However, it is important for Spain, especially for pilgrims traveling from France to Santiago de Compostela. Burgos Gothic old town stands the beauty of the fifteenth century. Department of pilgrims on their way to stop a long goal. City is famous not only for the cathedral, but the book museum, which revealed excellent history of the book, Human Evolution Museum, which contains the human development of multiple and various archaeological


some Spaniards immensely proud. Burgos is located in the north, is one of the coldest cities in the country. Many participants from other corners of the country attendees were dressed in winter clothing. Meanwhile, we, Lithuanians, 19-23 C heat seemed like a brief return to the Lithuanian summer. At midnight, to landing in Vilnius airport and the captain informs them that Oslo is 1 C heat, we felt nostalgic "šalčiausiam the Spanish city of Burgos. The city itself equal to the number of people in our Klaipeda. Although significant, but comfortable Burgos charmed by its narrow streets, green squares, hospitable people, who do not always understand English, but they always tend to help foreigners. A cozy, warm, sunny, innovative, useful, expanding horizons - so I can describe

acquaintance with Spain, Burgos and Europeana.
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