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Latest Articles from the Guest lecturer Professor. Daniel Petite lectures at the University skull m

VU FilF - Artistic translation contest, "I want to translate" skull mp3 2012
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Goals of the contest - to enable the dream of literary translator try to check the strength and capacity skull mp3 to search for new talent, to encourage debate about the artistic translation, to develop the concept of translation quality. skull mp3 This year participants can choose between English, Danish, Dutch (new and old), Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Polish, Latin, Norwegian, Dutch (Dutch), French, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Icelandic, Turkish, German language texts.
Download translations from October 29. will be published skull mp3 alongside the original LLVS website, and all want to be able to discuss, get your translation evaluation, assessment of others to select the best translation. Names of the participants will not be known to the audience than the experts, only the organizer, translations will be marked with numbers.
Translations will be evaluated and experts skull mp3 - experienced translators. Their findings and best translations will be published LLVS website on November 19. Winners of the contest skull mp3 will be awarded with special prizes LLVS. Competition rules, texts and other information can be found online at
Autumn of Philology:
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Latest Articles from the Guest lecturer Professor. Daniel Petite lectures at the University skull mp3 of Vilnius start the engine of your business printing skull mp3 the Arts invites you to play "Feel Link Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre repertoire skull mp3 of Philology Faculty of jumpers
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