Saturday, September 22, 2012

Indian archaeologist chatters recognizes that cultural elements Mochentzo Darro and Charappa (3rd m

Indian archaeologist chatters recognizes that cultural elements Mochentzo Darro and Charappa (3rd millennium BC) in the Valley of the Indus River, originates in the Aegean Sea (Jagadish 1930). It is known from almost 1923, then laid archaeological excavations have brought to light thousands sherlock holmes 2 online theotiton figurines and seals from the old and poleisMochentzo Ntare Charappa that many of these well-known and recognizable apeikonizoyn yoga posture. Similar, but yoga postures recognized echoyn and statues that echoyn excavated region of Ierapetra, Crete, dating sherlock holmes 2 online between 4000 and 3500 p.Ch.dil. older. Several inscriptions found opoy pieces of Mochentzo Ntare from which it is made known echoyn interpretations seem most peitharchimenoi sherlock holmes 2 online askitikoi yogis and time, which has brought honor ton Title Mina! (From Minos). In addition to bull worshiped in Crete in the same cities and Mochentzo Ntare Charappa. Možno hence Indians have sacred cows, which are considered sacred animals, as well as the oldest in Crete. sherlock holmes 2 online Therefore Indoeuropeans and Cretans came from. British historian Collin Renfrew says: Aegean civilization did not come from outside, but it was created on the site and is autonomous. (Creation sherlock holmes 2 online of civilization 1972). Theophilus Bayer, a German linguist, founder of comparative linguistics, as interpreted by the Professor (1732) similarities between languages ​​with a common Aryan origin of ELLINIKI.O Alan JB Wace, Angličtina archaeologist (1879-1957). He argued that the Greek civilization was not imported from anywhere. It is the belief was expressed before the discovery of archaeological evidence and verified sherlock holmes 2 online lang. He wrote that the Mycenaeans sherlock holmes 2 online were "strangers" like as then, but the Greeks (Check the Greeks).
Herodotus reported that Crete is the focal point of culture Draviniakou the worship of the bull, which is found in neighboring Egypt with the sacred Sarapis and APIs, which of course comes from the Dravidians. After the drama veľké flood in all ancient mythologies Nations, we are informed that remained on the island of Crete enough population sherlock holmes 2 online so that Crete continue to play a big role in the whole Mediterranean, developed a great civilization. Part of the Cretan population went to India and built cities and Charappa Mochentzo Darro, inter alia, have drainage system sherlock holmes 2 online similar to that of Knossos. Who then had the time to drain unlike the Minoans? Here and now exists in many places. Look for work in Mochentzo Be Darro and Minoan.
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