Sunday, September 23, 2012

Loeckeri, since it proved to not have gone over the electric car - even if it is not well-developed

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Tallinn - Monte Carlo Rally beginning to see the bike manufacturers the Frank De Loecker and TobiasWülser electric car record of 80 days around the world in high-speed electric motorcycle Gulf Zerotracer,. The history of the electric car is the only bike race Tao Lu Talin head Monte Carlo Swiss Frank De Loecker has made history in motorcycle Zerotracer.
Competitors go out, so that the whole race distance, on behalf of the European
Parliament and of the Liberal Party at the last minute decided to participate in the game Team Canada autospordientusiastidest local electric Tesla Roadster sports car car. "Obviously, you want to win, one of De Loecker, an electrical engineer, english to french translation pilot state with Zerotraceri the expected effect of the philosopher's club competitions." After all, cost Teslad distance less power than his imesõiduk needs longer charging time.
Because it is saved in the streets, roads, durability and precise navigation english to french translation (time, distance traveled, must be as close as possible to control), maximum speed and acceleration characteristics idea too concerned about. However, they also have a record better than the competition
on a motorcycle: Tesla has a maximum speed of 201 km / h, the in the Zerotracer can boast up to 250 km / h top speed, 0 to 100 km / h The time for of 5.6 Tesla Zerotraceril and 4.5 seconds. A few years later, like the Tesla product english to french translation family Zerotracerist.
Loeckeril experience in the electric car has a very long distance, through the back of the handle, english to french translation very rich. With Zerotraceri kaasdisaineriga a lot of travel around the world. After all, had to drive a total of 30,000 kilometers, by the large countries, such as Kazakhstan, Russia, the United States, Mexico, the load in place no one had heard of elektrisõidukeist, in the motorcycle. For example, in Canada, and seized the vehicle after the collision, a bike. If a few days ago, has been sent to closely track.
The latest one, philosopher club - Saurus to dictators - how to read the opinion? - The HIV maailmavallutuse History - best marine research - Interview Nobel laureate Roger Tsieniga - Riinu Rannap - English frog savior
Loeckeri, since it proved to not have gone over the electric car - even if it is not well-developed english
to french translation infrastructure - need a longer stroke. Any place of power, as well as how to ask good, it can also be used to retrieve your vehicle. For example, do not blame the owners of the vehicles of the car or motorcycle english to french translation coach or adjacent wires, english to french translation hose is loaded yesterday kämpingutöötajad. By the way, the drive is downright electric car engine, english to french translation and a couple of his car to help the team - at the end of this particular fuel.
Although the electric motorcycles management management is easy to get used, but, at least 500 km long training period. Under normal circumstances, the electric motorcycles with living people who are more susceptible to the motorcycle. Ehtmootorrattalik replace the steering handle, the balance of the side wheels can be improved a button. One-touch switches throughout the motorcycle track. In the case of a collision, and if the existing motorcycle electrical components (e.g., water) has been obtained, because of a short circuit, english to french translation the circuit will automatically turn off. Use motorcycle 400voldist voltage (De Loecker own words, it's the process english to french translation and building several times, felt naive) on and off, it is important to participate in this accident into danger. The maximum speed De Loecker elektritsiklil chase, however, he traveled two hundred km / h, the vehicle has been very good to keep in more power and handling ülegi.
Chassis extreme, but slight Kevlar monocoque chassis, compare De Loecker F1 car chassis. Curb weight of only 640 kg, thanks to this, most of them on account of the battery and motor. With the safety of the driver and passenger of the Hyundai Motor level. The plexiglass roof motorcycle can be up to 250-degree wide field of view.
The fully charged car battery and charging takes 9.9 kilowatts, reached about two hours in a load factor of 80%, only a half-hour lithium-ion battery. During this period, the energy charge motorcycle by 350 km. The power consumption of a maximum speed of 100 km / h is about 7 kwh. In the downhill, the brake energy recovery. The road trip around the world spent nearly 2,100 kWh of electricity (at current prices the cost of power generation in Estonia, according to packaging 150-230 euros), 30,000 km away Comparison english to french translation -

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