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Rabies vaccine and "Travel journal GO.
Many people know that in a number of different diseases that can damage the road or even worse - take advantage of health. Unfortunately not all of our immune system is unable to fight infections, and we always have in the itinerary. Mainly because of the time zone and that the new environment - Flight debated youto for hours on unwashed - all to promote inflammation in the body.
Each of the Board of Health website. Vaktsineerimissoovitused under "infectious disease vaccines and travel health." Vaccination should be started early in order to reach the cell body to produce adequate amount of protection. It is essential that the trip would have been exposed to the disease agent. Most vaccinations are administered should be done before the body is ready to fight.
But today we're talking youto about marutõvest headed animal rabies. This is the same virus known names in different youto countries, such as Lyssa, Rabies Hydrophobia, spinal cord disease that occurs in Estonia. This is a serious disease that is often fatal because the diagnosis is difficult. youto Saliva of patients receiving a virus through the skin into the muscle and nerves from moving forward, grab all the nervous youto system after a period of time, usually in the pancreas, kidney, salivary glands. The virus is spreading in Asia and Africa.
In the world of people every year are diagnosed with an estimated 50,000 to 100,000 cases of rabies virus are given in bites and scratches youto and saliva contact with sick animals. Disease can be spread from animals to humans, even though he just licks it limpsides or kibble man has only a small scratch.
Latency period of the disease in humans for up to 10 days per year and is referred to as stage I disease. At that time, the virus multiplies and travels to the site of the nerve terminal, Ltd. 50% of patients with Stage II occurs youto and lasts 2-10 days, it may occur in patients with headache, fever, weakness and fatigue. fatigue, nausea, vomiting, increased thirst, to you-jeproduktsioon hammustuspiirkonnas. Justice offend and hurt each other.
The neurological symptoms of the acute phase, which manifests youto ajukelmepõletikuna associated with inappropriate behavior, hallucinations, confusion, agitation, fear of pain on swallowing liquids before. It may take 2-7 days, but if you do not have enough for 80 days of the acute neurologic symptoms caused by paralysis. hammustuspiirkonnast. Especially in the legs, face, neelamislihastes. All this, however, was followed by Death.
Died 2008 in Venezuela bite marutõppe. vampiirnahkhiirte. As a result, India 38 warao victims who died within 7 days in 2009, Luanda, Angola, more than 50 children died after a stray dog ​​marutõppe play.
Diagnosis in humans is defined antigens of the virus in saliva, brain, cerebrospinal fluid or serum. Brain tissue samples youto taken from dead animals which neurons microscope searched Negri sisendkehasid.
Prevent disease, Verorab vaccine reaction prevention youto is vaccination necessary dose of 5 to 0, 3, 7, 14 and 28 days the fast is the second course of treatment, and the return of the. delay immunoglobulin. antiraabilist Imogam.
Rabies youto if the animal has been in contact with the saliva of the person should wash the contaminated area with plenty of soap and water, rub the wound has been placed on the dressing and sterilized youto it. Call a physician immediately.
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