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An important role in today

Kazan «there and back in 80 days
Tatars are Russia's largest minority - about 3% of the total population of the country of Tatarstan, capital Kazanjis. For just a soft side to a so-so if you want to speak it out to the local crowd. Cities and rural areas, families, girl dress up games and homes, the situation is different from region to region - so the Tatar language as native speakers of the Russian language. Tatar language learning in schools is compulsory. Image is the capital of the predominantly Russian-speaking, although some of the company's name and the names of the businesses, or the basis of the Tatar language. This is all reminiscent of Ireland, who, though certainly a very strong identity and culture, will be struggling to survive in any language. You realize how many light years in front of both of them are English?
An important role in today's situation Ivan cruel. girl dress up games Tartar control this region
to his conquests. Kazan by Ivan came and the limit - are raped and killed off all of those who do not hide from the Kremlin. Then try to weaken the hunger for the Tartars, but the food was plentiful, and then try to poison the water, but the Tatars dug the well, and drank from the Kremlin. Finally, we use Lord of the Rings "Two fortress" scene shot in the air, and one of the towers of the Kremlin's traditional business re murdered, raped.
1) the forced conversion to Orthodoxy of all who live within a radius of 60 km from Kazan. Who do not want to, you guessed it ... right ... and killed or raped. This image is preserved to this day in large part - if you drive 60 miles away sharp fall and the number of Orthodox families, near the capital, a branch of the Orthodox, while the family of the land of the Muslims.
2) on the east bank of the river south of the Kremlin Tatars and curfew imposed by sunset, all coming their Tatar jõepoolele back, otherwise it repeats the traditional business. Currently it houses a few blocks from the "old Tatars urban area", which I think is not too much different from any other image of the city.
3) At the end of the two communities, one of his generals (think local, or Ivan LP data itself) to reconcile Han's daughter married a local.
Daughter agreed only on condition that the tower be built in Kazan, the highest in a week. Designed, made, 59m tower was erected. The bride climb and jump off. At the moment, the gently sloping Syuyumbike as of Pisa tower next to the older ladies. I think something similar nutumüüri - unfortunately I have not been able to find out. Against the tower wall, scraping the wall and looked sad. Handled behind the man sad?
If Tatarstan during Yeltsin momentum isepäisuse good example. Waving flags of Tatarstan, a mosque was restored in the Kremlin,
the image of the city is the main symbol of Kazan AK Bars (Baghera is probably girl dress up games similar to the English language would recommend mountain
snow cat in English). Local identity is hard, it is proud of its more than common sense, and the central government has to take into account the views within the Tartars.
Kazanka river, winding over the hills in the center, many historic buildings, bustling and colorful city full picture, southern, sunny positivity recovery fantastiliseslt. Almost like a second home in Belgrade, the only significant difference is that while Belgrade was on 10 the evening dressed, go to the mayor, Kazan was very quiet in the evenings. Except when it is Friday, and John meet the marriage in the aftermath of the center. Drive train, girl dress up games taxi driver (an internationally recognized source of reliable local knowledge) is by 23ks restaurants closed, so all sleep pulmalised house.
Leave a comment that was as far as the eyes of the train window at home, but now I have come to the mountainous masses. We drive through the first tunnel, and window size roll off Munamäe hills, forest covered by the needle. Valleys between
these steamy. Why 15 days with the steamy valleys gloomy weather, I can not think. Why I'm no botanist is a sleeper?
The first is the Church of St. Peter and Paul's Cathedral (built by Peter the Great in honor of the visit). Beautiful baroque church, girl dress up games kaunistaud impressive facade. girl dress up games There are two cathedral churches, as in a nightclub two halls on two floors. Want to go to the first floor of the church (and less dark), you want to go to the second floor. The decor is rich on both floors. Why two churches, no one can explain to me. And is there really was põrandaplaaid metal (left hand impression) as well as metal, and why. They do not know the LP.
The second was the Orthodox Church entered the house in the center of the lobby (as a tunnel through the house) and church puutrepp way in the left wing of the house to get, although it has more common, but unfortunately vakstuga is covered. Reaching the second floor of the house and left Lavka can turn iconostasise. I realized right wing houses the staff.
Kul Sharif mosque is the third burned down the original version of Ivan, but

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