Saturday, September 22, 2012

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However, this is very impressive and infuriating. Every so often we fly and how so many supposedly took illegally blind allowance, and relatives of the dead continue pes 2012 pc to illegally take years to prepare the deceased, and artists announced crumbs while doing the champagne life, so shepherds or merchants were so proclaimed deposit history.
And in all that we say it as proof of our corruption, the same people who owned all these years, the same people who created them to tolerate
the same that was used patronage to exercise
their chairs. Now go and complain nervous without telling us, if you retaliate, if they are new, incorruptible and moral leaders of the country who came to class and defeat pes 2012 pc the despicable
past. Laughing at yourself disaster weaklings. We will also tell you the same people who just a few months before the elections, they said it would renegotiate the memorandum, it will not make more cuts, and how listening, listening, will restore the wrongs and restore security in low-paid and low-income pes 2012 pc receiving a hit as ruthless (at) negotiations between the two previous governments.
Roots is a political quackery deficit of culture and dignity daftous personally. Functions pes 2012 pc dirty and dangerous things, pathetic people who do not understand anything out of life and where it will come soon in front of them all the superlative degree, but not from the words and works of inconsistency during the corpses lifestyle can or would like to help them with any of their hosts, who kick them and their gear to wear.
Merciless Death and painful disease, and all inevitably come. And then, uneducated arrogant clowns who think that this is due to the fact that some people are wearing cops kept sterile office contacts and meetings, the skin will feel unconditionally anything representing pes 2012 pc pulp.
Unsuspecting weaklings and arrogant even imagine what awaits them as they have not been told anything about the life of the main university, where he studied and became completely manipulated and patriotic gear without soul and emotion. No chips and dignity of the trace.
Is worthy of his wages and worthy of life and death. For those who live soon see them humiliated time nemesis. The bad news is that it will not be avoided another example, it is clear from history that humans have evolved one step from antiquity to the present day, have come to learn without the pain and keep going on the same schedule destructive arrogance, greed and vanity. Yiannis Makridakis Ostria
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PEIRATIKO Reports pes 2012 pc
All ASSOCIATION Greek Merchant Marine veteran sailors and the sea has to respond massively dashes and racing in no way allow the passage of antinaftergatikis policy, domestic shipping and more.
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The troika progress of the disease and any clam.
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