Saturday, September 29, 2012

Clean the fish and flake, cut off the head and cut off all the fans. Measure the width of the fish

We have a house with lake and rowboat. We fish course. But too often, so there is no risk that the family tire of fresh fish or that I could be any expert on freshwater action games fish for that matter. Toddler pulled at least tvåkilosgädda this summer.
I made extra vegetables action games and mushrooms in separate foil packet, in addition to vegetables, which are full of fish. Our pike weighed little more than the recipe indicates and held two lunch for four. I served fries and extra sauce.
Clean the fish and flake, cut off the head and cut off all the fans. Measure the width of the fish over the back at the widest point. The cooking time is 30 minutes to four inches thick fish, then another five minutes per inch.
Salted fish is significantly inside. Peel and finely dice the carrot. Drop leeks. Drop fungus if you decide to take it. Chop parsley and dill. Combine vegetables in a bowl, crumble the blade composition, squeeze action games half a lemon and mix in four tablespoons butter / margarine. Fill your belly with mass pike. Grease a large piece of aluminum foil, add the fish and fold into a very tight package. Tasteline includes tips on where the fish will be cooked on the embers of the fire foil should be wrapped in several layers around the fish.
Remove the package and opened it carefully so that nothing groundbreaking expire. Lift the fish and split back. Take advantage of the broth and season with salt, pepper and lemon. You can also empty the foil sauce (a hole) and let the fish remain whole in foil before serving, if you are afraid that it will fall apart. If you want more sauce, you can boil broth and dilute it with some good fish soup. Serve with boiled potatoes.
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