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What is Mac Address? What are the functions? Vista, Linux and XP ... "Cwcoder
MAC address consists of 2 x 24-bit address.
# Second 24 bits, the address given by the manufacturer of each product, part of the card. For example, a MAC address 00-50-05-1A-00-AF can be shaped. The address of the network card, manufactured by the company are recorded in ROM and can not be further modified.
The first three bits of a MAC address set in the sales organization, the following five bits represent the manufacturer. Therefore, looking at the card a MAC address of the first bits that can be generated by the company.
The creation of local networks and the most widely used Ethernet network interface 'is. Systems connected to the Ethernet LAN network card network interface serving as' lara easily added. Ethernet interfaces to send data packets to the other, its use during the production of the physical address, 48 ​​bits, which is different for each bit of these interfaces. However, TCP / IP is used in an IP network is used for 32-bit. Interface Ethernet physical layer is used, the IP address to the address slovenske novice of the physical slovenske novice conversion work to be performed. For this purpose systems address resolution protocol ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) is used and the ARP tables.
RARP, running on a new (just started) slovenske novice Ethernet addresses of computers slovenske novice
that allows slovenske novice you to request the network to announce its own IP address. These RARP server slovenske novice for diskless computers and computers they have to answer these questions slovenske novice verir.IP requests, slovenske novice requests from outside their networks unbeatable local area network local area, a RARP server must be composed of
# ARP and RARP processes. slovenske novice Between each server has its own hardware address and protocol address of the association ARP assumes that you know. The knowledge gained on other servers kept in memory a bit. The equal status of all servers. No distinction between client slovenske novice and server.
-In the Command Prompt window, type ipconfig / all and press Enter ipconfig-all written and printed. These command network adapters on the computer (wireless, local area network, etc..) Will be listed. Ethernet adapter in the list under the physical address (Physical Address) slovenske novice marked slovenske novice on the adapter's MAC address to the string of two digits.
The second way is to find the MAC address izlenilebilecek slovenske novice "getmac" command to work. Getmac command is written to the Command Prompt slovenske novice window and press the Enter key is pressed. The list of physical addresses (Physical Address) scored in double digits sequences connected to a computer with MAC addresses of network adapters.
Another way is the (Start) -> All Programs (All Programs) -> Accessories (Accessories) -> System Tools (System Tools) -> System Information (information system) to control the path. Pop-up window Components (Components) -> Network (Red) - Adapter> (adapter) by selecting the address of the desired slovenske novice network adapter MAC is learned.
DOS command input window appears on the screen. In this window, type ipconfig / all or ipconfig all and press Enter. This command displays a list of computer network adapters. The only question to be considered here, leave a blank space after typing ipconfig / all or overwrite all the patches you want.
The list of physical addresses slovenske novice (address) in the computer's MAC address in the address. slovenske novice Note: Physical slovenske novice Address (Street Address) field is an address that begins with 44, this address identifies the modem. The MAC address of the Ethernet card does not start with 44.
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