Monday, September 24, 2012

Estcoy Wahid stronghold situated as the crow flies just 20 kilometers away from the base camp in th

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E sileht
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S Port
Sea King's half-open door on the side of the knee with one hand resting on the bib draw kuulipildur öövaatlusseadme before our eyes, and the other adjusts machine gun ammunition belt. The next moment a helicopter at Camp Bastion airport jerking in the air, and the direction of Wahid patrol outside
the camp.
Estcoy Wahid stronghold situated as the crow flies just 20 kilometers away from the base camp in the desert. But it taliibidele helicopters fire on the issue, not too easy to do, not camp at Camp Bastion and patrol helicopter pilots flying between cities based on the logic in a straight line, but should contact the task creatively. When a collection account tuisates right, then down the left sööstes, poems for children plates and make sharp turns takes flight they make unpredictable movements of the machine.
Happens, but rarely, to shoot down the helicopter sissidel succeed, but not sleeping with the enemy. As noted Danish helicopter pilot, none of these turns in Afghan helicopter from the remaining bitten balls. And not just the bullets. Regime led by his helicopter crashed through the cabin windows RPG rocket, which, judging by the fact that man is still in one piece and share reviews, clearly not explode.
But only after the soldier's poems for children luck would trust frivolous. Therefore, the helicopter will not have to crouch down behind bullet-guard for a moment to lose men. As they comb the predators searching for prey throughout the flight looks systematically along the edge, either there or anywhere in the shade of bushes or a wall piece halatis poems for children not kneel any man, ready to fire a grenade launcher on his shoulder, while his mates kaitseriivide machine poems for children rattle on.
One thing is to try to catch a helicopter out of the air sööstvat, poems for children another shock motionless poems for children lösutava drone shot down when it twenty minutes after the start of Wahid restrictive sandbags stacked kaitserinnatiste between the wheels off the supports.
"When bombs are falling on the area of ​​the camp, put on your flak jackets, helmets and run to kaitserinnatise: there is the slightest chance that you hit from," instructs the sergeant came Renzo track. poems for children
"Probably the own goal against the team," said clay wall of the set, sand bags around the wire mesh mounted on a couch sits Estcoy-11 squad leader Sergeant Viktor Štukert dispassionately.
It can be read on the mail every day, and there are explosions caused about as much excitement as the city streets autosummuti wheezy.
Štukerti taliibid poems for children explains poems for children the connecting roads are sometimes placed under the improvised poems for children explosive devices poems for children (IEDs) during poems for children the day open so they do not bring people in the village. But at night, when the village poems for children is asleep poems for children and the way the earth share hostile parties, power shifted back to hell machines.
Accidents and not only among the rare miner occupation.
Crackles through the radio Wahid a few kilometers from the Estonians poems for children checkpoint patrol camp information, to hell machine shower poems for children of 1000 meters or a few kilometers away from the camp. No reports of casualties.
"Covering a hearing!" Switch Rajaste loud conversation management. A moment later, the light flashes red and you hear a shower when the exhaust port located on the edge of the courtyard of their mortar ammunition poems for children furiously spits out. This time, however, not mine, but flares, which after a few seconds the green light in the sky as the star explosion glow in the strikes and the armed forces of the Inspectorate light throws. Later, vibrate in the same direction at intervals of two minutes, three light missiles.
And that's it. Nowhere is anxious to hear the dog barking, everything else is quiet and vagane. In today's war. Not the battle of Stalingrad, where thousands of men and hundreds of tanks and artillery at each other day and night, giving barrage
Everything is quiet, even when the early morning sun spreading its rays of Wahid. In the local language means the 2009: s Built in a unique Wahid. But as pointed out by the commander of the Estonian contingent in Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Victor Kalnitski, has Estonians poems for children do not differ poems for children significantly from the rest camp in Helmand province, which was founded by the British patrol camps. The posts are in custody dozens of meters apart in a twisted barbed wire and stacked massive sandbags from the wall curb a few hundred meters wide and about four times as long as the area.
Immediately south of the camp runs through the bottom kaitserinnatise dusty gravel road that local flocks of goats make their buses and cars or Toyota (Afghanistan, most quadricycles vehicles Toyota) rallivad. Most meetings this year, and the rest of the country on the road, but väikesekubatu

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