Monday, September 24, 2012

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Photos: Vallikäär lime (5)
Port S
After living birds at home Rein Raja farm and all kinds of furry creatures steve jobs died soomuselisi pesukaruni ass. Boyfriend birds after a certain age will remember the station Lao bird visits Santa's beard visited children and adults steve jobs died chuckle loving man and bird banding nets art shows. Raja Peter birds were banded in the 1972nd since. If a storm in January, but the station pretty bird completely destroyed, along with the realization man moved his remaining birds and animals beach Tree Farm grandfather as a man and the boy remained interested in birds and animals would not be located in the city. Save your search Raja said he is currently 40 breeds of poultry, most speaker systems. Sebivad normal court and colorful, strange and puffy tails suletuttide chickens, hissing geese, turkeys against foreigners klugistavad, pens, and live in the United kuldfaasanid steve jobs died pretty peacocks and Guinea fowl in Africa together.
Chirp inside parakeet, finches steve jobs died and doves gemstones. Mixed forest on the first floor and enjoy the art of Greece stepikilpkonnad sun, animals slow näpsavad best songs from the mouths of smaller Galliformes world - China kääbusvutid. Heat lamp residents agricultural youngest squeak: two days old chicken and parditibud. Incubators have met dozens steve jobs died of eggs, which slowly and inevitably form a new life. Birds lay eggs constantly and now it is difficult to predict how many chicks from the week following the vudib farm. Sulelised not only silmailuks manufacturer and eggs: bird chicks rare collectors are willing to pay a price quite salty. According to the track more fans, people enjoying the beauty of the exciting birds in a flock of chickens because of exotic breeds, however, particularly concerned about the people, steve jobs died even the grass to beautify the city. Sitikmust strange races like Indian running duck that looks like beer bottles and small chirping beautifully kehakujult China diamond doves. steve jobs died Outside the family and other animals greet visitors and Pats St.Bernards grotesque, four goats and a donkey Lonni. In addition, they live in their silver foxes, rabbits
and ferrets, raccoons sleep hibernation and two pairs of marmots. There are plans to worry surikaate, kapibaarasid and perhaps never even small kaamelikari. Peter said he was once a merchant side, birds and kalahulluna the world is full of friends and acquaintances through which new animals to worry about, and the man with Tallinn, the Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic in the zoo. "People are still wondering if we have other lives longer loomatalitamise steve jobs died rest," laughed the track. "In fact, it is not so crazy, because most animals and birds are free path. takes two hours to feed and care for the morning and evening. consumption is mainly hay, vegetables and ordinary bird food, especially expensive connoisseur power we have. "track at the same time as the fresh herring buys 350 pounds and can be carried out for about two months. The problem kurvastavamaks man, on the contrary, like a thief easily grown hairy confronts down. Birds have blood tests, as if the fox mink, fox scent fortunately retains its probably intruders back. Continuously
among animals staying Peter can not take care of their loved most preferred are the. Most, however, recognize the housekeeper Elma Oidermann St. Bernard steve jobs died armsaimateks friends who also need more interaction Lenient loovivad koerahiiglased lazily outside sebivate chickens and cats, and between each other paisid steve jobs died norivad housewife victory. "We get all the animals out of court," said Elma. "Cats play with the dogs and birds are not even caged predators: foxes hens tend to break for food to steal." Dog after the biggest black ass tähelepanunõudja steve jobs died seven years Lonni: once in the morning, steve jobs died the door someone opens the Select bray alert Lonni joy. Australian steve jobs died settlers Audru inside Gentiles tricolor cat charming
mom with two kittens around hitting fun. Pond with fish and aquariums are cabinets glass box in which the rustle of the cockroaches. The large cage birdhouse päevauinakut dwarf liugurkuskused (Petaurus breviceps), Raja Peter who live at the end of August Host, after some vupsas kolistamise two locations toad third was busy taking care of their newborn pups, including the newspaper for photos of postures of course important. Although ümarasilmsed liugurkuskused like lendoravat invaded, they are actually marsupials of Australia eukalüptisaludest. The animals were purchased from the Czech Republic and Estonia in Europe, they were very popular as pets, and many people are accustomed to agree even on the stairs

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