Monday, September 24, 2012

The train station is a man who comes to our box and selects the victim of one of the men seem to be

"I've been arrested. Train police to take tonight Khajuraho 300 km, Gwalior, where the morning at 10:00 am at the court, shall pay a fine in the evening and is expected to arrive back in Khajuraho.'ll Send some morning by train. "
Therefore, I do not imagine the start of your trip, your imagination, I sat in a few hours the train in the morning to wake up and hair colors elegantly descended from the train, sit in the back seat of the motorcycle and the feeling of freedom in blood vemmeldamas mountains bay.
After this call, I just started laughing dota 2 download hysterically - India! Such things happen only in India. When I tried to understand the reason for the arrest was that I learned that he was in any way connected with tourists, but not for anything specific.
My imagination dota 2 download began to work steadily, and I thought dota 2 download that maybe the young man somehow related to trafficking, but then I decided that I'm too old and too poor to be targeted. Of course, the idea occurred to my mind, that just can not be with me for such things to happen, but the neck was also noted that, after all, the thought that such things can not happen to me. A young man I met for the first time a month ago, Khajuraho visiting and we always communicate and called me back, I thought that maybe she wants a serious dota 2 download relationship, which I'm not interested and I was a crook, he said the young man, who is here with me to marry her plans to open fully and had, at one point, when I got bored with everything I said yes, I have come originally planned to spend only a weekend there.
What should I do? I have a train ticket to Khajuraho (600 km Delhi) (100 km for India means 2 hours trip, regardless of the vehicle, except aircraft), I have a return ticket to Delhi because they decided dota 2 download a week the school a break and meet with friends, Friday, Varanasi (200 km Khajuraho), but there was Varanassise ticket. Person I meet and I had raise aid sit currently in police detention, now looked out of the fact that I have 6 days a year just to travel and I have only to India earlier traveled, and I have never dreamed of. What should I do? None, and the next week just to go out with friends Varanassise go?
No, do not go, I'm afraid, because I do not know what's going to happen, but I'm going to. I do not drive Khajuraho, 200 km from the train come earlier and stay Jhansi to Orchha in at least one day, in the evening, it is clear that if released, what's next, scheduled for the week Varanasisse way to reach out and get used to idea that it can happen I have to deal with a whole week alone. I am afraid; And how yet, but I just feel that you should dota 2 download go.
The train station is easy because it Traversing this journey with my friends, who happens to be the same weekend fly Khajuraho. On board, we separate and I'm alone, 'Class Sleeper »traveling, this is a class with bunks, three on top of the bed against the wall, the bed in a box of eight (3-3-2). dota 2 download In this case, all the other passengers are men, not families or children, do not know what the white woman with it, to understand what is my place to get train tickets from them, and to discuss the details of the place belongs to someone else and know that saavadki remains, on average lavatsitest. That is, the average of the bed like a story that would otherwise have been placed in the position of the seats, and before bedtime increases sleeping position, you can no longer sit at the bottom of the bed to sleep in at all. After a while, though, you get the courage and skill with the English language dota 2 download and ask what percentage of the country dota 2 download I am and where I drive and get the passenger to sleep over designs dota 2 download are Agrat (200 km, 4 hours after the start of the race).
The train station is a man who comes to our box and selects the victim of one of the men seem to be lower class and the need to be physically weaker, and who tries to make it clear that he is the man on the ground, see the state of big, round eyes and wonder. As the men had previously done a comparison of the ticket, it will be the last defense to go out and sent to the attacker does not want to drive. At one point he walked around and then decide for men, it's time to put the deck sleeping, have also decided to remain in bed and not have to sleep in the middle bottom to rise. Lower the bed so often, in the evening or in the morning to discover someone your feet, because a large number of passengers on the train, with a ticket dota 2 download waiting dota 2 download list, which means that it is not real seat or sleep and then it's like you connect the cuckoos lay their eggs in other suffering dota 2 download from one. The attacker comes back and sits at the foot of my men are already decided
that you need to protect and give the man knows that he goes, because there is a woman (woman) he can see. The man gets up

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