Saturday, September 22, 2012

In light of the complaints and responses as large concentrations of people in the Constitution, the

Freedom is Godly ways of being human.
We are made by the Creator of the world is not freedom. We are created in the image of being completely free. We unimaginable opportunity to share the freedom of God Himself, through deification keep Godman Christ.
These are true to our tradition and recorded in the New Testament. "Esesthe then you perfect, as your Father which is in heaven is perfect it." (Matthew E48). "Core is written kathy reichs in tῷ nomῳ you, I said, ye gods" (John I34).
But rather than the freedom of the Lord chose, through free will, enslavement to decay, sin, passion and death. This selection was made by Adam erstwhile, but never ceased to be the whole length kathy reichs and breadth of the world and throughout human history, many descendants. The only way to receive life-giving gift of repentance.
God wants us to learn the truth and be free "gnosesthe truth and liberalization ymas truth" (John H32) He wants to know that he defeated death "And apallaxῃ Therefore, they are permanently living fovῳ death were guilty of slavery. "(Heb. B15).
Old serpent, however, "met the Devil and Satan called a rogue all Orthodox" (Rev. IV9). Constantly deceive us. Distorts things constantly lies to lead us to disaster.
This tactic of lies and deceit in order to destroy, and the satisfaction of the passions of an international elite, we clearly see in globalization, which is Christ's suffering and slavery to sin. Injustice, lies, blackmail, seduction, this ambitious vanity, selfishness, Rapture, avarice, usury, despair, violence, anesthesia, Loveless, arrogance, disrespect, betrayal marriage of good and evil persecution kathy reichs .... .. what is experienced and the Greek people, the implementation of the memorandum, which is an application of globalization in our country. Globalization generally dictatorship, disappearance of freedom, kathy reichs the prevalence of evil in the world, the terrible conditions there.
They came out and complained kathy reichs publicly
so famous. Former head of the IMF, Strauss-Kahn, former Prime Minister George Papandreou, a deliberate deception of the Greek people and underground movements. (He saw broadcast nationwide by al tsiantiri). Former president of the Supreme Court by George Papandreou, former Prime Minister and his Samaras present, a deliberate deception, the Greek people. (Daily Value). Professor of Constitutional Law Kasimatis traitor commitment unconstitutional and all private and public property in Greece. (Multiple websites). Konitsa speeches Bishop Andreas public Metropolitan Siatista Paul in written texts. Prosecutor seeks melons responsibilities kathy reichs Papandreou and Papaconstantinou ELSTAT case
After numerous complaints, brazenly lying crooks rulers continue to run as saviors. This is demonic. He is cunning. Spiritual kathy reichs kinship with ancient rogue cunning and wickedness. While public opinion is convinced kathy reichs fraud and injustice, betrayal, operators are presented with all solemnity and honor to fight supposedly to save us and to proceed with cunning tricks (50 countries gift to the first party, coalition, etc.). to retain power. This is the complete domination of evil. Now everything is in breach and looting.
They urged central banks the right to kill people for profit service. We horrible Dynasty name chreokratia. Debt and debt based profit and failure causes one after another. (See "money as debt documentary). A global economic system built to fail all and unchecked power of central banks. Superpower, the United States is in debt. He spent his time governor kathy reichs said when asked what thing more important that he did, "I killed the bank". A quote confirming the destructive power of this system, which detect dirt power and wants to control society and nations. "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws, "he said in the 18th century Rothtsilnt Mayer Amskel, a member of one of the most economically powerful families in the world, which played a leading role in the emergence of the global financial system. kathy reichs
In light of the complaints and responses as large concentrations of people in the Constitution, the White Tower and elsewhere, injustice and misery, physical kathy reichs and mental, continue

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