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Before you get to the bottle of wine kits, we drove further along the underground waterfall. Mine s

Wine mine "there and back in 80 days
I suspect that, dear readers, I know Moldovan wines as "beets". It is then that cheap swill, which is produced mainly in Russia and the Soviet market in which local government never drink. Well, it had spread through the Soviet trade network in our supermarkets. Perhaps siianigi spread, I can not say. Collapse of the Soviet Union, crazy stupid love Russia produced with great care crud, business was so good, even Russian investors purchased many of the local wineries. But then something went awry at the political level, Russian Food Authority found that Moldovan wine is harmful and banned crazy stupid love imports of Russian citizens. English as a transit, Russian crazy stupid love citizens were primarily affect the right companies and local agents. crazy stupid love
In fact, the local wine industry to another character. 2007 Guinness Book of Records decorated front cover image Milestii mici winery - the world's largest wine collection. It is where we suundusimegi better understanding of the culture and Moldovan wine industry.
Moldova, most of the houses are built of limestone. This special block is mined from the mountains crazy stupid love of stabbing machines. Well mine had 200 miles Milestii mici visits (182,000
square meters), where the 1969 Wine is produced and stored. crazy stupid love Underground limestone passages ideal temperature - whether outdoors + or - 30 degrees here, 85 meters below the surface, is still 12 to 14 degrees and dark.
Mining missions are easier orientation have street names - Cabernet, Pinot, etc. Saving Blanc. Of course, it is not enough grape varieties that give the names of all the moves, but is still open to visitors for the part.
But, of course, leave the tunnels, but guided me with your car. Considered to be directly above the gate, many people come and go, to know when to send a special unit to look for lost tourists. And then sõidadki car guide suggests where to turn, and your path lined with oak barrels - a total of 1,200 pieces, each with 800-1200 deca-liters. I do not know why it is popular to talk about wine business dekaliitrites, but let us honor the industry specifics.
Passages inside the drums are all built of wood in the Carpathian Mountains and Krasnoyarsk kraj'st. crazy stupid love They are too big to be imported - some passages are lower than others. Each of us can see small oak door - do not suffer in staff clean look. "If you can fit through the shoulders and head, it can fit in with everything else." Klaustrofoobikutele it is probably not suitable for work.
Before you get to the bottle of wine kits, we drove further along the underground waterfall. Mine sometimes satuti crazy stupid love water slots, equipment, and went under water slots - as has happened in some of the tunnels entirely natural waterfalls.
Collection itself is incomprehensible thing about wine - 1.5 million pudelt about 150 wall built orvadesse ranked. All, of course, crazy stupid love most of them marked with the spider, crazy stupid love dust, mold, etc. covered with layers. In addition to adding the atmosphere of the wine, it's all good - extra protection of natural light.
After the tour we sat in the hall with a fireplace built on speed, which is the only place in the underground mobile phone network and the local language Musicians and let the leading international dishes accompanied by local wines taste good. You know this will be a great week when you loped his first bottle without Merlot'd and got another 12.
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