Monday, September 24, 2012

Working, otherwise very happy to see some of my colleagues in a very long time, and got up to leave

First day: "My thoughts and behavior yesterday, I went to work on the first day after we found the bus stop to suck, but what is the next bus, people are very worried, is not at all necessary to go to work, but from seven o'clock in the morning, only an hour later (Trier bus over so many), Schweich bus we have been waiting for the confusion, and then see someone the ootajatest bus drove us Longuichi the half, but we forget I have a decent sapsud of, you need to go through a long holiday back work to achieve ... Ansgar is gone and I have no phone to tell him, he again picked up the (cell phone battery is empty unpacked bags or boxes because moblajuhe places), or it may have or bus to Trier., but later took place what is such a happy thing a bus waiting for the woman's husband to see the bus forget We just behind and drove the bus Longuichi, and told me, Schweich of people he did wait for the bus driver was taken aback, and came to us, waiting for the husband of a woman drove her in front of the bus car and brought over this is crazy, if I'm going, it's easy to forget that our bus driver to stop.
Works very well, I cooked Ansgar colleagues ploomikooki two plates. Plums from our former place of residence in the past two weeks, we've been through the plums under letters of credit, because the former owner of the plums we did not want to leave (not in the second, very good people), and then shook his tree , and still is, all in all the ripe fruit fall off and can take into account. In this method, first came to my brother (very delicious plums), and we again shake the trees disappeared. Therefore, we have two large buckets of plums and the joy of moving, not to, especially the food, half rotten, unfortunately, although I personally like to eat the plums, otherwise. The rest of us, how many plums crack pie plate made (probably a total of 5 full board - we brought to school, because it is the Waldorf habits, sophomore parents organized the first-class parents the students, we have eaten two and two colleagues spent yesterday). There are plums decline neatly to throw lime, plum tree this year is so difficult to downright unbelievable, especially in puukesel oksigi. We actually have a good harvest every year, if you still care, you can be the outcome of the care maitsa. Point accurate, should continue to ploomijahile send Ansgar today, there is more behind the tree, but they can do to bring the remaining, otherwise it would be just as bad. Garbage is also necessary to in old discarded in the trash is a small (Of course, now we need tenants share the same amount of waste), it is so many things.
Working, otherwise very happy to see some of my colleagues in a very long time, and got up to leave long-term counseling. This is a wonderful vice city game time, I'm actually still very intense interaction. Fortunately, there is calm, we even shorter working hours (1.5 hours shorter than usual). I am glad that, so I can live and work in peace and contentment. Yesterday, I did not get a very important point, otherwise all the apparent movement needs more time than usual, the first thing to go when you have to leave.
Yesterday we went swimming in the pond (pond, but in fact, more like a lake, a very large, but the artificial origin). This is good, it is still a luxury
home, you can go out the door, two minutes later, you are in the water. Water is a bit cold (a lot of) rain during this period, vice city game but it is enjoyable. It can still enjoy the summer.
Matul on Friday, another visitor, this time with classmates Marvin. Marvin left for our night Matul is already a long list of students to come to visit his people, we want to live in one night. This make up for the lack of friends, perhaps MATU, and here, he found that there is no age, no boys to play with (of course, he did not look particularly good). Well, not Matul She is also very proud of our doorstep and friends want to know.
Chickens to lay eggs, although relatively small, although yesterday I got so again 5 eggs, but it is still in the time of our independent collected 25 eggs, and now we need them urgently users, or otherwise not to force quickly, more I am not surprised, eggs, egg yolk, so orange. Okay, I understand, it is a free tatsuvate vice city game specimen cage eggs, but I'm still uncomfortable head by Jana shop brought our. They also rebu ga orange, but these chickens fed egg yolk chemical vice city game can increase appetite. Are often forced to think of the old man really had enough of his chicken things, two egg yolks a dark paint ... I guess I'm just being paranoid ideas. vice city game Interestingly, I think the chicken was to start kolimisstress, which is why we get is just the beginning, one egg per day. My dad is a good idea to dig it up

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