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Elder Sofronios Letter 53 Ministry. The Old Rectory 23 Απριλίου 1975 My dear, my good, my dear rela

Elder Sofronios Letter 53 Ministry. The Old Rectory 23 Απριλίου 1975 My dear, my good, my dear relatives! Assuming that my letter will reach you on the eve of Easter, now is send my best wishes and welcome you all to the ancient, but not palaioumeno words: "! Christ is risen" What a fabulous gift for us to visit you again! I had more time to talk with you, to see dear to you, hear your soft words, pillars of the earth to receive so many striking manifestations of love and hospitality is unmatched. With a magical way of life preserved after all outstanding tests fall into your fate, especially during World War II. For me war period coincided with the time I lived in the desert. My accommodation was a cave with a side of a steep, almost vertical cliff above that hit during the days and nights storm waves and bangs them feel when I lay on my bed hard. Their infamous moments to convince the European sea from ships, pillars of the earth boats and sailboats, while I was more silence than has been possible in the time before the war. Oh, it was time for intense prayer for peace throughout the world, especially Russia. I have heard repeatedly that Germany intends to settle with Russia. The officers made no secret of their plans for genocide: to divide the conquered land to soldiers who fought in the "East" (for Germany) forward, leaving the entire Russian population about thirty million workers on the ground, without the right to education, where Russia is considered subhuman animals and labor. Thousands of times thankfully God did not allow the Germans did not apply. Human history is full of all kinds of evil, but there is no greater sin than war, world war, especially in our time, in which all the people in one way or another are lured to "fratricide" pillars of the earth While today; "rejoice "for killing hundreds of thousands, and millions more from the other side, tomorrow they suffer rejoice, because the killer avenged. So the whole earth is covered by the darkness of hate hell, Holy Spirit left skinonei soul and despair in their hearts. Thirty years have passed, but the peace is achieved and yet not even the darkness pillars of the earth is not soluble and the light of love still shines brightly rather than the earth. Years of intense prayer pillars of the earth nightmare, especially during the night. The intensity with wailed in my prayers for the peace of the whole world, but especially for Russia, for the Russian people, which threatens the greatest danger of total collapse. Today I spent all my time in the forces and services, especially for people who are suffering, despair, devastated by poverty and humiliation of the people around them and the like. Desert pillars of the earth experience helped me in my ministry. Although I did not know poverty, which for modern pillars of the earth European states inconceivable, can not meet the poor and exhausted (and the majority of those who serve) in such a sincere respect for their staff and their understanding of suffering, it is given to me. In the cave, with bare rock above my head and around me, in the quiet night, my spirit was free to see the world from the moment of creation until the last hour of history, but also that before this world and are located outside the boundaries of earthly years. If I do not meet the "luxury" desert to collect my thoughts for the sins of man and the meaning of his coming into the world, can not help the intellectual (and there are many) with a soft heart, to see a way out of the situation created in the world for themselves and for all mankind. So I am now in a situation most profound gratitude to the Divine for me, a difficult day for over easy, because the wisdom born of suffering. LETTERS IN RUSSIA. Elder Sofronios.
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