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Euroleague baby names official site of the first of this season, guests choose Kaunas Zalgiris defender Rimantas Kaukenas - Žalgirietis Euroleague fans responded to the questions.
After playing four different countries returned baby names to Lithuania R.Kaukėnas helped the club for achieving victories in the first two rounds of the Euroleague. So far, he averaged a profit

of 12 points, 61.5 percent of attacks the basket. Accuracy.
In 2005. Euroleague debut R.Kaukėnas is one of the longest non-stop currently playing in the Euroleague players. Among the players still continuing his career 13.1 scoring baby names average baby names is the second best result, while the penalty shot accuracy (87.1 percent). They occupy baby names fifth position among the still active players.
- Hi Rima. I have a few questions. Do you prefer to be a team leader

or an auxiliary player to take more initiative to the dressing room? Do you think one day become a coach? Thank you. (Roi Wenberg, Israel)
- Hi Roi, thank you for your questions. Perhaps one day and become a coach, but it is - a difficult job. If you want to be successful, must work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Maybe at the beginning I would like to work the kids and enjoy that, but never say never. "
And I like to help the team in every way, to encourage word of mouth. I am happy to lead the team forward by setting an example site, but if the team needed baby names other solutions, do not worry and do what needs to be done.
- Hi, Rima. This year, I am extremely optimistic about Zalgiris opportunities this season. What do you expect? Do you think that the team will be able to play at a pace that any coach J.Plaza should emulate now? (Renata Gorodeckis, Lithuania)
- Renata, all are complicated - competing in the new system, but the only way we can start to play better. We want to play as smoothly as possible, to emulate in their own way and continue to improve. We'll see how many wins will win, but, of course, at the end of the season we want to win trophies. I do not want to promise anything, or guesswork. The question of the busy pace of the match can only be answered at the end of the season. I hope that it will be able to keep him.
- Hi, Rima! I am Mario from the wall. Do you remember any stories about myself and Shaun Stonerooką (formerly the Montepaschi bendraklubis - author. Past.)? baby names How do you feel Border baby names team put your shirt in the league the roof? Thank you! (Mario Cimbrellini, Italy)
- Hey Mario, thanks for the questions. In fact, they let down my shirt when I came back to the team! Now pay homage to Shaun and Terrell (McIntyre'o) T-shirt, but officially mine - not!
Shaun is a fun guy and there are many stories that I could tell. We have formed jokes about his hair all the time. To say that it is Plinkšiai and e nvironment, so he had his head bandage is worn above!
- Rimantas, baby names you are one of the most experienced players in the team. What is your role you see for a few years? Do you think that playing baby names less and help young people grow, you still have enough willpower to play even better than before?

baby names (Mars Deltuva, Lithuania)
- I am here for the tobulėčiau. I do not think I will become a second-rate

baby names player. I want to help admirably as much as possible and improve your game. When rungiesi at the highest level can not think of netobulėjimą. baby names Then it is better to complete a career. If you do not want to improve and win, you're not a professional. Each player where he bežaistų, "Zalgiris" or other Euroleague teams have to think about improving your game and desire to win.
- Spanish baby names language to learn some, but not so much that I could answer the interview questions. Madrid I really baby names liked both the people and the club staff were excellent. It is unfortunate that it turned out as happened but I can tell you that Real Madrid baby names is one of the best clubs I have come to play.
- This is a very good question, Robert. There are a few players, but above all - LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. However, I think it was the most difficult to defend against Kobe. Deng him a few times and it looked very good.
Euroleague is also a lot of players that are difficult to cover. Juan Carlos Navarro is always a challenge, but with Pete Mickeal'u is very difficult to contend with. There are still a few names, but I have to think about it. In summary JCNavarro and P.Mickaelas - Euroleague K.Bryantas

- international basketball.
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