Thursday, November 1, 2012

Please note that the

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho a few days ago has hired lawyers, that they sued him for several neįtikusių Spanish journalists. The funny thing is that skandalingasis Portuguese to court even sends's leading Spanish sports daily Marca editor Roberto Palomar.
Please note that the "Marca" is a "real" club, quite frankly sympathetic, team defense and current vertaal Real Madrid

president Florentino Perez for the second time in the club's president's chair "push through" the newspaper said.
"Marca journalists stood up to defend their colleagues. We present a translation of a newspaper article published vertaal by the Lithuanian football blog, writes about the Barcelona club and Spanish football issues.

heard that J.Mourinho filed a lawsuit vertaal in court against Roberto Palomar. For the fact that a journalist wrote something brilliant and memorable. Rather than a hoax, Mou decided pagrūmoti. He!
Posted by total war sense of humor and talent. It shall be forbidden the right to cartoons. I currently J.Mourinho and any other, challenge. Every thoughtful person has a right to speak about what you think. Neįžeidinėdamas have the right to joke.
J.Mourinho wishes for the downtrodden honor prisiteisti 15 thousand. Euro. Him the money would not suffice to get drunk. It promises to be for children's football club "Canillas, home to his son. Thousand euros from the desired vertaal 15-just now I give myself.
J.Mourinho, you're stunned ... See insult a humorous essay. If this sentence is to M.Pellegrino, vertaal R.Benitezui, Jimenez, Michel, Luis Garcia, J.Caparrosui, H.Herrera or any other coach - no one there would not be fired. But after all, speaks of "unique." About the "Special One", is not it?
Yesterday I also had to explain when commenting on the "real" and the "Manchester Ciry match after C.Ronaldo goal on the air shouted" Cabrones! (Spanish - Truth, ed.) There are those who automatically thought

that my cry for emotional winning goal šventusiam J.Mourinho.
I am disappoint. I had something else in mind: David Silva playing in Manchester, which would have been playing in Madrid. "Santiago Bernabeu" David ovation showed that the club management error was probably idiocy. I shouted "cabrones" not wishing to offend, while expressing disappointment.
R.Palomar also did not want to offend. He just said that the king had no clothes. Once again - we want to castrate! However, they fail. If you have to pay - sumokėsim. It seems there's only understands the language of money ...
And more. The next day, after Madrid 3:2 was the same result in Barcelona. Also atsilikinėjant won victory. In grandeur

without pomp, without a demonstration ride on the road. There were calm, assured many have written off Malaga victory. You can see the work of Manuel Pellegrini? Without slogans, vertaal without hysteria, calmly. The road ahead of you, čilieti hat! And forget what you are speaking about the Suns.
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