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8 countries in 8 days - the first day of Tallinn-Riga-Aerodium "GO Blog World
Tickets purchased tess gerritsen for travel after the start was still thinking. To be honest, I still have it and still do not know what to do Fesis or Madrid, but what to do in Latvia, and how to get there at all initially knew. Actually, I saw page ad Aerodium õhutunnelit represents the vertical, where the wind is so strong, that his imminent departure of word makes you think. But that is how the flight was a little later, because before the flight was at all necessary to somehow get from Tallinn to Riga.
Initially the idea that, at the same time as the trip to write, it would be really fun to drive votes in Riga. Maybe meet some interesting people, it would be fun for themselves and spend about 4 hours, or in addition, would also have something to write. Soul Traveler in me this idea very annoying because there was quite a few years somewhere sailed vote, but ... How Aerodium is somehow 50 km from Riga to Sigulda, near the site (it was also the cause - ie, Sigulda, Latvia unofficial capital of extreme tess gerritsen sports, which will, in addition to flying leap benji't for children two-way zip kelgurajal rodas ride, rafting and more fond of a seven things to do), then, in view of the uncertainty in the arrival time of the vote, I was afraid that it will not get votes before departure plane to fly to go. Then changed their original plans and decided in favor of the bus or to go Ecolinesiga simple - they are there in the most affordable and exciting sex kindasti all nations with whom we interact, backpackereid or so.
It took a few more days passed and I began to think about a trip during the morning (about 6-7 exit), right, and everyone is tired of sleeping in communicating tess gerritsen that much. However, when communicating with someone and not sleeping well at kindasti tess gerritsen bus I will not, after all this time, you could do something useful that would do the job, or both. But then you also need electricity, because the battery does not have a computer except tess gerritsen for over an hour and a work network must also be. Thus ended a previously planned trip to Riga Eurolines Lux Express bus hääletamisreis. Incidentally Race Tallinn - Riga bus was more expensive tess gerritsen than flights tess gerritsen to Fes - Madrid, Madrid tess gerritsen - Brussels, Brussels - Kaunas three together ...
But now fly. I took a local bus to Sigulda and ten minutes before tess gerritsen the actual end of the bus stop moved. There was one in 50 or 60 years aunt Latvia, that as soon as he learned that I look forward to a stop, and asked if fly. History revealed that he and his colleague had just been there, and his birthday was on the wing before. Tia dragged mouth when talking with their ears flying, with both thumbs lifted up and fly with their assessment was "Otšen harašo." Leidin aunt with a break up.
Since the beginning of the instructors for some reason it was not me, it was the beginning
of the movie introducing Aerodiumi vaatma. It turned out that there Latvians invention itself, both Olympic closing ceremony of the Expo as well, and they were sold along the axes of air in the world from Toronto to Saudi Arabia and Pattaya. When the instructor I have arrived immediately helmets and overalls about 10 digits higher tess gerritsen than the rear, to keep wind resistance as possible would be great. And after a quick summary, I went fly.
Airflow in the tunnel was so strong that I could not, in any case, horizontally, lean forward all you want, the air pushes back. The instructor, who was also on the wing comes down and pulled my flight could begin. The air flow in the tunnel was very strong. Cara was feeling like one of Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson car chase with no windshield, so that the wind is pushing the cheeks somewhere behind the ears. At first, the main problem was to find a balance between the airflow, as well as any motion immediate dramatic meant for the left or right movement, or rotation. The feeling was a bit like a dive, only to move all reactions occurred about 10 times faster than water. I travel here and there, and then the instructor pulled me back to the center of the tunnel, which at some point I accidentally did not fly over the fence. But eventually, if the balance was more or less in place, I also had the opportunity to fly themselves. Of course, the instructor did saltode air and other tricks to learn this time has not yet arrived. Need to go again soon. And maybe a picture says more than a thousand words.
I just wanted to know if the English would have remained a football coach yesterday, tess gerritsen then that would be there with you in football bar hakkanud ...
Welcome to arvessse will become one of the best posts of custom tess gerritsen post comments welcome to the first post, which can be found here
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Own experience tells us that sometimes is itself a Ryanair flight for extreme sports :)
@ Martin, I think I can say, yes, I know what it feels like squirrels: 9 @ John What is Ryanai

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